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  1. Page is dope. Great read, awesome graphics, good luck guys!
  2. No. I dont agree with this. I play two different Characters. One for Chernarus, and another for Livonia. Sooo a big no for me...
  3. When people ask me of my childhood, I am generally quiet. My parents never got along, my папа was abusive and would beat my мама if she did anything. Блядь if she released gas outside of the ванная he would beat her senseless, nearly breaking her every time. My father was in the мафия, a boss of some sorts. He barked orders and his muppets did the dirty work. He used to always tell me when I was a child, 'Бог даст, но ты должен обеспечить, пока он не сделает' This will be spoken of later, but, around the time I was 14 my папа had been busted. He fled the country altogether, heading for Livonia, a polish speaking nation. My father died within the next few weeks of living in Brena. And instead of following his footsteps, I enlisted into the police force, visions of my мама being beaten drove my fuel for the police force, and I continue to serve to this day….Despite the polar opposite I would become from my father, I kept that his words in my head at all times. God will provide, but you must provide until he does. Many men have lost faith in our god, but he simply hasn't chosen to provide yet. So we wait for his awakening, and until then, we live in this hell we have created. It is a cleansing of all those who sin.
  4. My POV: I was driving the truck with my Corporation brothers, the truck was moving along and while we were talking, my game hit a lag spike and when my game came back I was dead. I spawned in Dubrovka, which was close to my scene of death, so I ran over in hopes of getting my items and continuing my role-play with my other Corporation members, and anyone else we would perhaps run into on our way to Novodmitrovsk. As many of my other colleagues have said, we did not see it as NLR at the time due to it being our deaths alone, no other players were involved or known to be in the area of our wreck. If this was considered as NLR, I fully accept any consequences that are sent my way, and now fully know the rule for the future.
  5. Yeah, I'd have to agree with some of these people. Just cause it isn't the easiest to attack doesn't mean it should be nuked. Don't suck, or don't attack the people living there. There is fireplaces and heatpacks, suck it up buttercup, you won't die to the cold if you plan your movements and actions correctly. Plus, I'm sure many people have used Storozh island (actual name of Prison Island) in their backstories, as I have before. One of my characters was a guard on the island. Also have had some memorable interactions there as recent character. This is a no for me. Sorry
  6. Thanks to the Brother who saved me from a beating and probably death for "throwing the guy under the bus". Rest in Peace Black Roses and @Drake880. The BR were like my knights in shining armor till y'all got gunned down. But, has been one of my more eventful nights, thanks for the RP boys.
  7. This is really dope looking man, I really like the use of the PDA from S.T.A.L.K.E.R....I have been working on making imagines and shit for group thread using the PDA as well. Can't wait to see how this group interacts with everyone in game
  8. And damnit, I loved the mist of blowing a fuckers top off
  9. The area is a safezone. So, there really wouldn't be anything to oversee from a big group. And the only reports I can see coming in from this is if someone starts stealing sweetrolls someone else payed for
  10. Well yes, but I think that is there fault. Obviously anyone going or staying near an area where there is an active firefight, (You can tell the difference between battles of people vs zeds and people vs people), is there for gear and deserve to get shot. Typically you go away from shots, not towards them. And especially for Potius Cras, with that group being KoS. If I was swore to wear my armband and uniform at all times. I wouldn't get RP, I'd be shot anytime I even got near anyone. Which is bound to get old after a while
  11. I think it's fine for people to roleplay children being like 12 and stuff. As long as they can actually get a voice to sound like so, and aren't carrying around a rifle that they could barely hold. I typically don't Invision 12 year olds carrying golden deagles or M249s. Let alone something smaller like an M4 or UMP
  12. I don't agree with completely removing the shoe damage, as prolonging their ruining would be a whole lot better and make more sense then my shoes being reduced to atoms after a short walk from Vybor to NWAF. Hell, I've had my shoes irl for the past year or two. But, if prolonging it is a negative, ditch it. Tis a small price to pay for salvation of my footwear
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