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  1. Suspicious Steam Account

    Thanks for the help, I'll try to fill one out and hopefully be able to get into the server, my steam account is newer because I've only had my computer for about a week or little more. Thanks for your help, I'm gonna try to figure stuff out for it...I've only had one steam account and I used the same email and stuff for my DayZ RP account, I've only had my PC for about a week or more and really wanted to get into this community.
  2. Suspicious Steam Account

    I tried to get into the DayZ RP Us server as my DayZ Character Doc and when I go to check my whitelist, it says "Your account has been blacklisted due to a suspicious steam account" this confuses me, I got the 15 questions right on the second try and filled out all my character stuff right but still get blacklisted...What does it mean that I have a suspicious steam account