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  1. Desert Hawk

    Upcoming new mods

    The area is a safezone. So, there really wouldn't be anything to oversee from a big group. And the only reports I can see coming in from this is if someone starts stealing sweetrolls someone else payed for
  2. Desert Hawk

    Attempt to make the server more survival-based.

    This is a neat idea, and I'm on board
  3. Well yes, but I think that is there fault. Obviously anyone going or staying near an area where there is an active firefight, (You can tell the difference between battles of people vs zeds and people vs people), is there for gear and deserve to get shot. Typically you go away from shots, not towards them. And especially for Potius Cras, with that group being KoS. If I was swore to wear my armband and uniform at all times. I wouldn't get RP, I'd be shot anytime I even got near anyone. Which is bound to get old after a while
  4. I think it's fine for people to roleplay children being like 12 and stuff. As long as they can actually get a voice to sound like so, and aren't carrying around a rifle that they could barely hold. I typically don't Invision 12 year olds carrying golden deagles or M249s. Let alone something smaller like an M4 or UMP
  5. Desert Hawk

    Remove/Reduce damage to footware

    I don't agree with completely removing the shoe damage, as prolonging their ruining would be a whole lot better and make more sense then my shoes being reduced to atoms after a short walk from Vybor to NWAF. Hell, I've had my shoes irl for the past year or two. But, if prolonging it is a negative, ditch it. Tis a small price to pay for salvation of my footwear
  6. Desert Hawk

    Capital Vices (Strict IC Recruitment)

    Oml, these graphics are fucking dope. From what I've heard, rp is great and you are some bomb ass people to meet. Hoping to meet y'all in game!
  7. Desert Hawk

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    Look dope guys. Graphics are really cool but a bit hard to read. Hoping to meet y'all very soon!
  8. Desert Hawk

    To Devs: HUD mod

    I think this is cool. For people complaining about screenshots and stuff, it really shouldn't effect that at all. Only time I have ever gotten text chats are the radio messages and if the person is writing something on paper. And text chats don't last very long. You're screenshot will be good my friends
  9. Desert Hawk

    31st NBCP Media Thread

    I dig these man. Hoping to meet y'all in game eventually. Sweet screenshots!
  10. I agree with this, many people shit talk build anywhere. But plans I had for building, along with many other compounds I'd seen build. We're astonishing with how the builders had put them together.
  11. My name is Artyom, for the many who cannot pronounce any names not of American descent, I also go by Arty. I was born in Moscow, and enlisted for the Russian Armed Forces when I came to age to do so. It wasn't until recently I crossed the borders into Chernarus, specifically, South Zagoria. Though my travels have been limited, the groups I've seen I have not liked, both claiming to be good and bad. Every group only seems to harm the dwindling survivors of this damned apocalypse. For now I roam alone, hoping one day to meet those with the same ideals of saving the people, rather than killing them all off.
  12. Build anywhere should definitely be in the server. Some of the bases I have seem have been absolutely beautiful. It's amazing what some of these people are doing And I get those towers may be annoying to see, but I see nothing wrong with them. As long as they look good, and don't look like a 2 year old built it. I think they should fly.
  13. Desert Hawk

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    Not a fan of most of what I see. Build anywhere allowed a lot of places previously unbuildable, buildable. Server performance was fine, very rarely did my game fuck up on the server. I am happy new items are being added though. There won't even be a point in fucking building anymore. 15 minutes to destroy and raid a whole base. For the fuckign week it would take to build a 1x1 box. Dumb asf
  14. Desert Hawk

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    Happy to see some changes finally made. Excited for black ballistic mask. Keep up good work
  15. Desert Hawk

    Server Crashing Bets

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