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  1. Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need my GUID and PID reset please. I've had to go restore my computer which now has a different copy of ArmA2 OA. Thankyou very much. PID:111824838 GUID:-snip- Sorry for the trouble! //TheTanteTerror: Dont show your GUID in puplic, NEVER! Gm´s or higher will handle your case. Be patient! Pid-reset. Please re-enter in your Donation-Exchange
  2. Removing Scalp

    Yep, sounds good.
  3. Ksk woodland 1 doesn't show them
  4. Just me saying hey! :3

    Was just accepted yay! Thanks guys!
  5. Just me saying hey! :3

    Hey guys thanks for the warm welcome :)I'm currently 14/something and cannot wait to play thanks!
  6. Hey guys, i just want to say i really love the concept of dayzrp and i cannot wait to be an accepted member of the community. Thanks!