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  1. A loner, who normally doesn't last much within groups because he has trouble dealing with authority. He has a good heart and a clever mind, but is excessively individualist when it comes to making decisions. Traveled to Chernarus short before the outburst to volunteer at a children's hospital. He has lived in several countries and never could find a way to settle down. He is friendly and constantly looking for people to cooperate with, but will not tolerate being given too many unnecessary commands. Heterosexual, he's never been lucky in his relationships, but is still open to finding true love.
  2. Popelus


    I am Spanish... I know my English is far from good, but this kind of mistakes drive me crazy Anyway, I was kinda joking, I don't expect you to speak perfectly, it just surprised me to find this in such an "official" post as the Lore
  3. Popelus


    I don't mean to sound rude, but while I was reading the Lore's FAQ, I ran into this sentence " The infection does manage to even spread to the United States, which is rumored to of gone dark in March 2015. " The fact that you've written "of" instead of "have", driving youself by phonetics rather than by syntax or common sense, really took me out of the story,