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  1. jjblome

    S1: Avoiding RP Stary Sobor - 29/03/2018 22:07

    thank you @Branby
  2. jjblome

    S1: Avoiding RP Stary Sobor - 29/03/2018 22:07

    i had been AFK for about 5 min getting some food when i was pull away yet again from my pc and when i had got back to my pc i got a bad module and decided to stay off for the rest of the night, i didn't get poked about my actions as i was unaware that people where trying to interact with me at the time, after leaving the game i stayed in teamspeak to talk with my friends as i'm sure we all do this.
  3. i was once a young Irish lad around 16 my father and I moved here because of his work. He was was a doctor you see, and majored in human stem cells with this knowledge. Worked along side with Dr Ivan, he taught me the basics of medicine, how to heal wounds, infections, cuts and even bullet wounds he also taught me how to shoot. I never knew why. until, the break out. My father came rushing in with a scared expression on his face told me to go get something warm on and pack what food i can. when i asked him what was wrong he "Dr Iven was found dead, well not dead but..." he stopped there and pulled me into the car and said where going to Zelenogorsk. as we pulled up to the main hospital i see and man being pulled out the back of a car with arms and upper neck looking like he was burnt flesh, peeling off like water over rock. but father said "That's him" and preceded to help the man, it isn't until now i knew that it was Dr Ivan. If i had know then what i know now i would have killed him then and there. i was told to wait outside. so i did when suddenly Dr Ivan stumbled out of the main doors and looked...like he was dead. my father came running out shouting at me holding his wrist yelling "get in the car" he was determined to get home his wrist bleeding all over his leg. I did my best to stop the bleeding with what i had as bandages. he said he had some friends and that we where leaving for a while. he pulled up in front of this castle one i had never seen before, men with red hats on, came out to the car, and took me in my father didn't come with me. and that was the last id see him the group that took me in was a group that attempted overthrow the Chernarus government my father knew them because he was there Doctor and main supply of information on what Dr Ivan was doing they seemed ready for what ever was going on so stayed with then for 2 months while the world outside fell apart and organisations turned to settlements, settlements turn to groups and groups turn to nothing. they trained me in long ranged combat i showed them what my father had taught me. then i told them i had to go, they let me leave with no questions. but they gave me my fathers rifle a CR75 Carbine. they told me to keep my distance from the main cities and gave me a radio. now i wonder looking for my father town to town settlement to settlement helping others on the way searing my knowledge on medicine. staying away from the dead and keeping close to the living.
  4. jjblome

    the good old times

    this was a beautiful moment on the coast where the old mountain trading co use to be we had started singing and sat there for 30min telling stories what a good time
  5. jjblome

    KOS report

    he had no right to kill me or shoot at me i didn't raise my weapon or give reason to open fire but when he did i patched myself up and put my hands up he continued to shoot at me with me hands up and gun on the floor
  6. Server and location: eu1 at the trading bace in the coast Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): i wouldnt know i had just logged on Your in game name: Dr Peter Muller Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: dont know Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): connection logs and kill logs Detailed description of the events: i had just logged on at the trading bace looking around for a trader wondering where everyone is they where being held up at this time i ran past not shooting for talking to anyone went on the outside of the wall and was KOS