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    What was your old backstory

    With the new whitelist all the old members from like 2013 can see there cringy back stories from back in the day so thought it would be a good laugh to share it on here. if you like. (( Hopefully this is in the right place )) My Cringe story : My Characters name that i will be roleplaying is victor Yakuv i arrived from podagorsk to try and find my long lost brother Zavid Reznovaska he moved to Chernarus a few months before the zombie apocalypse i arrive to my brothers house in cherno to find is blood all over the wall and bullets shots in his head and i walk out in this Z infested town to see a group of bandits driving off so my automatic thought it was them who killed my brother i then start assembling a team to help me find the culprets who killed my brother, back in podagorsk i was an ex-russian millatary i was helping with the evacuation of civillian's guarding the south airfield bridge so i am already a high class knowlege of survival and combat experience so when i do assemble my team they best be ready for millitary commandment and they must follow my rules or they will be accepting the consequences, i use to have a child who i lost in the great war of podagorsk and chernarus 20 years back i shortly lost my wife a few years later to a suicide bomber who took down the castle of the island of sona in podagorsk she was there sight seeing while i was working lates on airfield traffic control i recieved the news of my ex general he knew what i felt and was there for me after that i really haven't loved anyone else since and i will be sure to go out and get revenge for my family and my brother as he was the only person left in my life . i believe my character is very strong with the areas of stealth and interogation and surely won't be hard to get answers from people when it comes to using old chinese torture techniques, also i am quite good with the gun ak-74 and rpk-47 i tend to stay away form the sniper rifles as my steady aim aint quite what its shaped to be. Edit: Still got the bad grammar 10/10
  2. Kanen

    Mr.Johnson's Introductions

    Welcome Big J
  3. Back before it all started Viktor grew up with a shit life. He grew up with his mother and younger brother. With his father leaving when he was only 6, he noticed how hard his mother was coping with working 12 hour shifts to try and pay for bills and put food on the table. So he started making decisions on his own. Committing petty theft's and getting involved with the wrong crowds he was soon in it for the long run. But this did not bother him, he started to grow use to the lifestyle he was living and got involved with a bunch of lads that self proclaimed themselves as the"S.Z.H.U". (South Zagorian Hood Unit). At the age of 17 he got caught carrying a knife and was later sentenced for 4 years where he would plan his future and what he had to do when released. Upon his release he returned home and gathered his friends and even his little brother into what he would run an operation under the name of Vishnoye Vandals. Now this was not your low tier crime with them taking part in Black market weapon deals up and onwards to Drugs and Human trafficking.
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    Albion online?

    Anyone been popping on this albion online? I have been playing all week and its pretty lit. Pvp is fun servers could use some work but other than that its great. (If anyone is playing it hit me up and join the guild Ive got running only a few members but trying to get a few so we can start owning territories.) Also if theres a thread for this my bad im lazy and couldn't be bothered using the search function.
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    Any Mod lads still about?

  6. Kanen

    Desolation Redux Release

    Shit this servers popping.
  7. Kanen

    Desolation Redux Release

    bad at pvp so you can cross that one out mate ;))) good job you're good at roleplay.
  8. Kanen

    Desolation Redux Release

    Would play but i cba spending money for Apex.
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    Wagwan G Yes @Cyber is a top lad also.
  10. Kanen

    Interview With a Community Member: Nihoolious

    Just keeping it real
  11. Kanen

    IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Dont think anywhere should be safe to be honest people will just camp it 24/7 like in the mod bro.
  12. Kanen

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    That's on single player. your frames will decrease more on multiplayer. But overall lingor was a classic back in the good ol days. Id like to see Namalsk personally.
  13. Kanen

    Official Old-School Runescape Thread

    I ruined my pure and lost all motivation for this game. Rest in pieces. Sold 80m tho so it was a win.
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    Bad Attitude in Hostile Situations?

    Imo. People have good days and bad days. Catch them on a bad day there attitude might be shit they could get fed up and portray the bad attitude in game. Catch them on a good day it might be good and they will not get so snappy or abusive ect. Think people need to remember that this is a game at the end of the day and not to take stuff so seriously. And just move on from it. Verdict got dealt so people need to just live with it and serve the time.
  15. Kanen

    Poking my nose back in

    Welcome back bud
  16. Kanen

    Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: (In - Game Name) Will make one for a group. Country: UK English skills: From the north part of england so pretty shit. DayZ Mod Experience: 100% best aimer EU. DayZ Standalone Experience: 110% best aimer EU. Roleplaying Experience: 110% such immersion much wow. such roleplay. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Rob, torture, kill. anything i dont mind. Have you been in any clan/group previously: to many cba listing them all the way from the mod to standalone. Additional notes: Im just me. Probs play for a few weeks and if I get bored more than likely leave the community for another 6 months Best way to contact you: PM. Hit me up on tinder if ya want I dont mind. Backstory: Will make one for the group.
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    had a family member at the concert also. thank god she got back safe. but my condolences go out to those affected and those who where injured and families who have lost.
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    Forums - Offtopic - Forum games. BadRP, 00:00

    Stale Meme op guilty.
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    Farewell for now.

    No interest for RP or DayZ in general or the forums. First day I have been on the forums in like 6 days, so just saying bye for now maybe I will regain interest in the future. Will be in TS from time to time to speak to some people but majority of the time people know how to get hold of me or have my teamspeak so goodluck to the community and so forth. Maybe I will get some interest in DayZ and roleplaying in the future if not, See you when I see you. Adios. OG Panda out. o7
  21. Kanen

    Farewell for now.

    Peace dude Obviously <3 ly2 fam Im out for now maybe I return but 07 Love you too Snake o7 n1
  22. Kanen

    New Settlement Rules

    GG, Welcome back to 2013. Altar Castle is re-opening guys come so we can kill you with no consequences and take your gear. Can't see how this benefits the server just benefits people who get triggered easily and will just be trigger happy and kill you rather than Roleplay out the situation. My mistakes thought I signed up for DayZRP not DayZ public.
  23. Kanen

    Small change to KoS Rights.

    Think the rules are fine tbh but I appreciate your suggestion none the less.
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    Once it's back up and running though you can go in the teamspeak helpdesk and get some assistance from the staff in there.
  25. Kanen

    Lore wipe?

    I wouldn't clarify that as bad RP for the first couple of weeks depending on if they visit the forums and see the announcement. A lot of people don't use the forums but still get in game a lot. But yeah 30 years like you said we will see.