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  1. Kanen


    So apparently it's an unwritten rule that if you aint active 5 players 7 days a week. you cant have a group. Fuck me but people have real lifes and have work during the week we aint all benefit bashers. Pissing my sides laughing.

    1. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky


      2. Approval requirements

      In order to get your group approved, your group thread needs to meet the following requirements:

      A finished thread that contains detailed information about the group

      Minimum of 5 active members listed in the thread under "Roster"

      Group lore that is detailed, realistic, plausible considering the current setting as well as be compatible with the DayZRP Official Lore.

      A set of reasonable and obtainable group goals that follow the SMART criteria. The group must strive to complete the goals they set for themselves. More on those below.

      Consistent in game activity of all members and feedback of your role play posted on your thread by other members or groups

      It's on the group rules and requirements located here:


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