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  1. Aikooooooo!



    1. Keira



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  3. Albion online?

    Anyone been popping on this albion online? I have been playing all week and its pretty lit. Pvp is fun servers could use some work but other than that its great. (If anyone is playing it hit me up and join the guild Ive got running only a few members but trying to get a few so we can start owning territories.) Also if theres a thread for this my bad im lazy and couldn't be bothered using the search function.
  4. Any Mod lads still about?

  5. Desolation Redux Release

    Shit this servers popping.
  6. Desolation Redux Release

    bad at pvp so you can cross that one out mate ;))) good job you're good at roleplay.
  7. Desolation Redux Release

    Would play but i cba spending money for Apex.
  8. Hi

    Wagwan G Yes @Cyber is a top lad also.
  9. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Dont think anywhere should be safe to be honest people will just camp it 24/7 like in the mod bro.
  10. When people reminisce about the OG 501st. TBH if I dont remember your name you had nothing to do with the OG 501st in the first place. 

    (Aint talking about greenmountain people) They aint the OG's 

    @Voodoo @Cyber @Hicks @Novac



    1. Voodoo



      If you wasnt at Altar castle or pobeda dam and never took part in the 501st karaoke with pat then you are not OG

    2. Cyber


      You know it.

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    Why hello there :)

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      hi der pal

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    hi kanen

  11. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    That's on single player. your frames will decrease more on multiplayer. But overall lingor was a classic back in the good ol days. Id like to see Namalsk personally.