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  1. As a child Amuati's parents were caught vandalizing the nigerians presidents home, and due to this being an extreme offense to the nigerian government most of his family was executed. However he was kept alive and left an orphan. As the years went by Amuati roamed all of Africa and would eventually be taken in by a pastor Libya. He would grow up to become a very religious person and became a missionary in order to spread God's word. Throughout the years Amuati had visited several countries including Indonesia, Zambia, Turkey and lastly Chernarus. Amuati reached Chernarus in december 2016 and was supposed to stay for about a year before he would depart to Malaysia. However plans changed in July of 2017 when the infection started, Amuati decided instead of trying to evacuate the country he would stay as a priest to help those in need of superior help, in need of God. To this day Amuati stay at all the major churches at different times of the week, handing out food, clothes and water to those who need an extra hand in life.