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  1. So here I am, at Chernarus..where should I start? Btw what am I doing here? I should know that all the chaos had begin from here..why not just stay at Turkey? I'm already felt safe there.. "You should not go to Chernarus bro" said Umar. He's my friend I met in Ankara City before the apocalypse begin. We know each other online, both of us are musician. I flew over from Kuala Lumpur to Turkey to form a punk rock band with him and his friend. I just want to get a new life in Turkey.. But turns out our world had became a Zombieland before we had a change to make a demo. lol. "You should not go to Turkey" said Sasha, my girlfriend, well I broke up with her before my flight to Turkey. We had our relationship around 5 years. She's very supportive, even after I quitting my job. I forming an independent music band with her and my friends, and driving an Uber as my income in Kuala Lumpur. Not finding a proper job because I just want to pursuit happiness and don't want to be part of the "societies' gear", want to became a "rock star" and being happy with with my gf. I guess this is life then.. But turns out Malaysia's music industry suck balls really hard. And about my gf, I cannot have her in my life because of the "rank" between us. She's from the rich family. Well I can't marry her without a proper job. Her family don't like me or approve me as her partner, and she doesn't want to run with me to Turkey either. "You should not quitting your job" said Hisham. He's my colleague in sales company. We both are the same batch joining the company, same fresh year. since our first day we became a good working partner. We're really a workaholic, so hard we have been promoted from sales crew to assistant manager in just a year. The salaries is good, and having a good amount of money is the reason I wanna live in Kuala Lumpur. I guess this is life then.. But turns out with big amount of money equals bigger stress, robotic and plastic life. I'm just pretending to love my work. I thought money can give me happiness. Well I guess not. "You should not go to Kuala Lumpur" said my uncle. I grew up with him since I'm 5 years old. My mom left me with him and never seeing her ever since. I live in a village in Melaka. I went to school just like the normal kids do, and my grade is not that much good like most brilliant kids do. I do love music, became a self-learning guitarist but not really a pro. My uncle is a religious person, always guide me according to the Holy Book. He didn't like me having a guitar at home, so I played a guitar at my friends' home. I finished my middle school, and since my education result is not that good I can't continue my studies in government university. My uncle cannot afford me to go to private university, and I work with my uncle as a rubber tapper. I guess this is life then.. But turns out life is more than just a rubber tapper. A lot of things i can do in a big city like Kuala Lumpur. Live in a village suck. "You should't have been born" said my thoughts. At least that's what I felt so far in my life. I guess I'm easily get bored in life. I like to do things in half way. Probably I'm not searching the "better" things. I just want to experience part of life and jump to another. It always doesn't enough for me. Probably just want an easy life, just thinking about myself, experiencing myself. Even a good shelter in Ankara didn't fulfill me. I'm sorry Umar, I guess safety didn't make me happy. Probably "living" is not fulfilling me anymore. At least I want to know what happen to Chernarus before i die. Try to experience life over here a little bit. Yup I'm just a compulsive and unthinking person. Probably it's a bit excited to die in Chernarus tho, since all things that happen started from here right? I guess this is life then..
  2. IGN: Malik Khan. Country: Malaysia. English skills: Average. DayZ Mod Experience: None. DayZ Standalone Experience: 330 hours. Roleplaying Experience: I once played DnD with my friends before. roleplaying a lot in DayzRP as survival RP when I'm engaging people. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Social engagement, Wanderer, Psychotic, Religious, Cult, not into much on gunfight. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Nope. Additional notes: - I'm always played as solo survival and would try to join the group since I found that I'll be more enjoyable playing this game by engaging with people. - My English is not really fluent so I have an accent if I talk. But my microphone is absolutely clear (using condense mic). - The timezone here in Malaysia is UTC +8. 4 hours ahead from Britain and 11 hours ahead from USA. Best way to contact you: PM me thru my Steam account or on this website. Backstory: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-3268/
  3. Pirurin

    Shut down S2

    Nope for me, I'm really sure that most all people in this community are joining DayZRP because they want to be part in the roleplay, including me. I think for a normal gamer people who just want to PVPs, camping and loot lots of gear, they will not bother to take a test and writing their background character to get whitelisted, and facing a lot of rules. They would rather join the normal server with other PVPers. I agreed that some of the players may took an advantage from this by looting gears in less pop server. But not all players are like that. In my case, I really want to join in high pop server in S1 to RPing with others, but sadly I'm always being kicked because of the high ping (why I'm so far away from u guys T_T). I'm fine about queuing or high ping to join the server, but because I'm always being kicked I ended up playing in S2. Yup it's pretty sad that S2 got less pop than S1 (so far I only encounter 2 players for the past 3 days in S2), but for me it's not bad because I always saw S2 in medium pop every time i played there. Even my ping in S2 is quite high (280++ before start joining the server) but it will not bother me, I still can play the game. I'm sure the Administrator created S2 for a reason. Maybe some players in S2 has a same issue like me. For me the community will became larger if they have more than 1 servers. But if the majority in voting to close the S2, I couldn't say more about it. I would be selfish if I only concern about my issue and not others. I'll just follow the majority For now let just hope that we'll get more players in S2, and grew more people in the community.
  4. Hey everyone..thank you for all the greetings!! Yup will see you guys there on Chernarus Anyway about my high ping issue..probably I've found the solution for it..tried to resolve this overnight haha On the first try in game i didn't use any method and it's really lag like hell..I frequently being kicked by battleye because of the ping..then i tried using TCP Optimizer and the ping seems to reduced a bit when i saw it on server list..but still lag and being kicked because of the high ping Then finally I've found the OpenVPN software, doing the proxy HTTP settings (putting the server IP address and port number for DayZRP) and the game looks fine to me, just a small lag and i hv played for 5 hours just now lol But not sure if I'm still doing fine when I encounter with other players later..so far didn't encounter anyone yet after I've done this..but if it does work good later I'll share in a new post about the method to reduce ping for a far away players like me And yeah i bet some of you guys also from a distance country so probably u guys can share your method with me?
  5. Hi everyone, I'm Pirurin..it's my pleasure to joining you guys in DayZ RP..Just got whitelisted 2 days ago haha My first time character in game is a North Korean guy, Han Dae-Jung Btw i got an issue with a ping since i'm too faarr away from your server (Malaysia to be specific) so it's hard for me to continue the game with a bad connection..but will try to find a solution for that matter since i didn't find any DayZ server that has an RP near me..will join u guys later after everything is ok PS: Sorry for my bad english haha..anw I've got my first encounter with 1 player in the server..i tried to do an hostile RP with him (he robbed me T_T) but I've been disconnected for a bad ping..sorry for that orz
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