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  1. RedrickJim

    Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    Your IG name and which subject are you interested in learning about? (Please chose from the above listed categories): James Redrick What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play?: East coast USA, mainly early night-late night How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word of mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)?: Forums If you had to judge yourself and your role play, what would you say are your strong points and what areas would you like to learn about or improve on?: Survivor RP, I haven't played in a long time (tried last year but at the time my internet made the game nigh unplayable). I'd like to learn basic game mechanics (X leads to Y so that you can make Z), additionally just getting back into the flow of RP through an online interaction, and finally having someone to run with for a day or two to just get into various situations to see what various rules are in place and aren't. Having read the rules numerous times, I have some very specific situational questions. Thank you for your time. I do have the DayZRP teamspeak at my disposal.
  2. A firefighter back in America before the outbreak, an accident left him at a desk job involving a junkies needle grazing his spine in the middle of a fire. Depressed and without much use back in the states, James came to Chernarus to discover his roots. Rooming with a very distant relative he found himself an occupation as a Firefighter in Electro, praising the countries much relaxed hiring procedures. He was working the day the outbreak occured, responding to a house fire (likely caused by the infected) when he was cut off by several of the infected populous causing the truck to flip on it's side. Waking up several hours later he was unharmed and surrounded by post chaos of the long day before. He's been scavenging since.
  3. Ah, okay. At least I don't have to get whitelisted again. Thank you, things have changed since I last played. This whole issue came from getting a new PC. I'll reply back if I run into any more issues.
  4. Hey, so when I try to join the server I can play for about 20 seconds before getting a kick with the message "Battleye: Admin kick you have no active character or its not set to public view". Anyone got any ideas? I'm hoping there is a simple fix, because from my very brief research it seems I may have to mess with a bunch of files. Thanks in advance!
  5. I know of the mentor thread, but I don't really think that type of mentorship (that being hero,villain,survival) is what I'm looking for. I recently got settled into a new job, and now have a schedule of 4 days on and 4 days off, so I have a viable amount of free time. What I'm looking for is someone to help me with the actual game mechanics. The game has evolved greatly since the days of the original mod and it's rightfully a lot more confusing. I'd also like to just have someone to play with honestly. I'm solid at roleplay, and mainly partake in survival and the occasional chaotic good roleplay. Thank you.
  6. Thanks fellas, yeah this answers it. I honestly thought I was glitched for a few hours there.
  7. I know figuring out where most of the people in the game hang out is an in game information thing, but I've been playing since last night EST time, on server 1 where it's seemingly constantly full, and traveling up and down the coast, I haven't been able to come across a single person outside of (maybe?) a distant horn along the coast road. With this thread, I'm not looking to be told where everyone is at, but if someone could enlighten me to why or if the coast is so dead of activity. Thanks!
  8. Great, thank you. I'm looking forward to playing again and getting my RP fix.
  9. Hey there, I haven't played in some time ((Upwards of 3/4 of a year)) and am currently re-installing DayZ. Unfortunately, my current internet is quite slow so I won't be able to play until later tonight. I remember however that despite having a GTX 970, my FPS still suffered greatly ranging usually from 20-25, after doing some research I'm hearing that a good majority of people have had a substantial FPS increase since .60. I was wondering if anyone here can clarify if this is true or does your FPS still suffer greatly? Thanks
  10. So I goofed, I re-installed and forgot to set my default character to a man, and on top of that while trying to kill myself I am now unconsious in a barn. Is there any way to off myself that you guys know of? I'm stupid, just discovered the respawn option in the menu. Please lock, I am slow
  11. Are zombies back in DayZ? Is it no longer a hunger games simulator? My God.
  12. RedrickJim

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

  13. RedrickJim

    Things you want and don't want in Exile

    I'm looking forward to a clan(s) coming together and building a new RP hub. It'll be nice to see a crows nest like compound again where it needs to be defended from bandits and villain clans.
  14. RedrickJim

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    Before I answer, I want to say that I have only done research and watched videos about Exile, I have yet to actually play Arma 3 in that way. Having said that, Yes, I believe traders should be there HOWEVER, I do see how they could really throw off the flow of RP. I think a remedy for this would be to only spawn the traders twice a week, on different days. Tuesdays and Saturdays. This would allow the building of bases to solidify, and not have bases spring up and drop over night, and it would make people really care for their vehicles. RP reasons could be that they only appear when their "business" brings them back to the area. EDIT: I also saw the announcement thread, and just want to say how excited I am for territorial warfare. It's the one thing I've been craving since the inception of the DayZ mod. I think with it as a feature though, it needs to be moderated by the admin team with rules, how sieges, defending, and attacking work, along with territorial borders shown on a map that would need to be updated as various pieces of the map are drawn to certain groups. I lined this out roughly a year ago in another thread, I'll link to it accordingly, stand by. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Clan-territory-control Yeah, here it is. Here is my quote that gets into it
  15. RedrickJim

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    Thanks Rolle, here is wallpaper from favorite show. Looking forward to the OB