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  1. I'm hoping so! See you all soon :d
  2. OMG Voodoo is still here
  3. Hey! I dont know if many people remember me, but i played back in 2013 and was part of the 501st! I havent played dayz in so long because the standalone was such a disappointment, but ive been playing again recently and have been really enjoying it! So i thought id try get back into the RP side as i use to adore it! So hey everyone.
  4. Character Name: Dr Scott Richtofen Clan/Group: 501st
  5. You need to change the sensivity on your mic, go to settings, options, then capture. In it, it should have a bar which you can move left and right, i think you'd have to move it right to not get as much back ground noise, but it would be better to do it if someone else was in your ts so you can check how good the sound is and stuff.
  6. Mockingjay


    Maybe you are entering it wrong? thats all i can think of tbh. try doing an update though? that happened to me and then once i updated it, it worked fine
  7. Yeah my friend has this, and its really annoying, before restart he has to stash his gear somewhere and he cant spawn back at altar so he cant RP straight away. He has spoke to the admins and they have checked a few things but cant find out what it is, its very confusing why its happening
  8. but by the time he pulls the weapon out you could shoot or injure him because of how long it takes? I do agree that they should of fixed this problem though
  9. Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-kos-road-above-near-novoy-sobor?page=2 I was told I could post this for DesertFoxTactics by Gamemaster Gina Why the verdict is not fair : I did not realise that having a private conversation with Scott (IRL Friend) in vehicle chat with nobody else around and just joking around as we normally do when just chatting. I know that if anybody else was in the car it would have been completely unacceptable but I do not believe the verdict was fair as it was just me and Scott and we then went to RP right after that event. Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : I would just like to appeal to the ban I have received. In the ban It stats that I was OOC 'trolling'. I will explain my side of this story as well as I possibly can. Me and Scott (Dr Scott Richtofen) my IRL friend that I'm really close to and have known for years were sitting in a car together in the wilderness, not near anybody because we were waiting for Delta to log in and he was having a lot of trouble. We ended up sitting there for around 20+ minutes and obviously you will get bored, I starting speaking to Scott but he couldn't hear me, So i typed a little then started sending random messages to him. Now obviously I understand completely that if I was in direct chat near other players and disrupting the RP of others but that is not the case, I was having a laugh with a friend and did not expect anything to come of it. If I did not support the rules that are enforced to the best of my knowledge I would not have supported a KoS report. I did not understand that logs of me and a Friend having a private goof about would be so serious. I am sorry if this is the kind of behavior you dislike and will not tolerate but If I had known that I would not have acted in that way at all. What would you like to achieve with this appeal : I would like to have my Permaban removed, even it is still a timed ban with a warning, I just know this is a misunderstanding on my end I would not have done it if I would have known that it was against rules so seriously because I did not realize that it being privately between my and Scott. What could you have done better? Well I know that I should not in anyway go OOC whilst in game unless necessary. I would not repeat my actions in anyway and continue to go about RP'ing as normal.
  10. should of known that but thank you
  11. At the moment I can not get into the DayzRP teamspeak, it wont let me join off the launcher and it also says i need a password when trying to join manually, can anyone help with this please?
  12. Just want to say i cant wait to join the community
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