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  1. Bjorn Evald

    My name is Björn and this is my story. Chapter 1 - Life in the forest I grew up in the middle of the forest with my mother, father and 3 brothers. Fighting, vodka and hard work was the only things surrounding my childhood. Our father's woodcutting business became our business before we even got out of school. Not much time for playing and messing around. We got strong and tough and were never scared of bullies and other small town dangers...the biggest danger for our family was our own father. His fuel was vodka and it made him unpredictable and violent. We learned how to take a hit or two without falling... His journey ended when he got crushed under a three in front of his own sons. Fucking idiot... My brothers split the scene as they saw it as a way out of this hell hole. I was left carrying the weight of the company on my shoulders. As I had never got the chance to experience the world, taste different cultures, have my own adventures, fall in love....the dream of one day getting to leave everything behind and just drive away on my bike grew stronger and stronger. A while after my fathers death my mother found another asshole in a bar, left and never came back. A new guy who could beat her up for supper every night. There goes the last idiot in my life... Chapter 2 - On the road I finally got every piece together and the company ready for selling. It didn´t leave much in my pockets after all dept was payed but enough for me to start my journey. The only things I kept was my bike and all the stuff I could fit in a few bags. My plan was to ride south. Through Europe, around the Black sea, through Russia and on.... It was a beautiful feeling of freedom when I passed countries and cities I´d only heard and read about. I found some new friends but had difficulties letting people close. So I kept on riding. I was on my way into Russia when my old bike started having problems. I decided to aim for the coast of the Green Sea where I could try to order parts for the bike. I drove into Chernarus and found a little city called Solnichniy. I found an old fisherman named Dominic who had a garage where I got to take the bike in parts to order new ones. Dominic told me it might take a while for them to arrive but I never understood exactly why because of the language barrier. But from the news I could understand that the situation was a bit tense in the country at the moment. It didn´t take long before we became good friends with Dominic and I started helping him with the fishing. Still no parts.. Chapter 3 - The outbrake Dominic decided to go on a longer fishing trip for a couple of weeks and asked me to join him. I went along because I really didn´t have any hurry getting anywhere. Isolated at sea we had no idea of what was going on after our radio got dark. We decided to finnish our trip and fill up the boat before returning. It wasn´t before we began to see military planes flying over Chernarus and hearing bombings over land we started driving back home. When we returned we went straight to Dominics neighbor to hear about what was happening. The house was left empty and we stared walking down the street. After a few minutes we saw another neighbor walking around the yard. Dominic went to her while I waited on the road. Suddenly she jumped him and went straight for his neck. Blood started spraying everywhere and I started running to help him. I stopped when people looking like walking dead started to pour out of the buildings around us. The last thing Dominic shouted before going silent was "RUN!" Trusting him completely I started running and went straight into the forest where I knew how to become invisible. Chapter 4 - The new life To be continued...
  2. BOI

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  4. The Poet [Open Freq]

    *Ted picks up his radio and presses the PTT* roger that *goes silent*
  5. The Poet [Open Freq]

    *Ted picks up his radio and presses the PTT* probably stronger stuff than I could ever grow.. it has a beautiful rythm to it though... *goes silent*
  6. Sams Workshop (Open frequency)

    *Ted hears the radio message and quickly wakes up from his nap, still leaning his forehead against the porch railing* *shouts to Endeavour* "West! Through me the radio!" *annoyed at Endeavours slow reactions he jumps after his own radio and presses the PTT* "Mmmmmmm! Nothing like a good old leather jacket my friend! Hello Sam, I'm Ted and I'm gonna become one of your trusted customers! It's great knowing there are craftsmen who still know how to produce quality products!" *smells his leather jacket* "You know, I´m proud to announce I made my own dark brown peace of love and I'm doing a hell of a good job wearing it out on my adventures..but..I'm not too proud to admit I could have been more smooth with the needle.. So I'll be ordering some things in a while.." *throws Endeavour one of his stupid smiles* "listen to what work boss man is offering on 47.7 and we'll be in touch. Me and the boys are pretty good hunters so we can probably throw you a few pelts now and then. Good job and stay safe!" *releases the PTT and stands on the porch putting his hands up like a winner* *stares at the non-existing crowd of fans and mumbles* "back to work"
  7. *Ted listens to the radio he keeps in a small bag filled with all his packs of tomato and zucchini seeds. He's leans against his shovel and listens to the discussion. When he hears Frankie on the radio he leaves the shovel standing in the ground and takes the radio and presses the PTT* "Hah, so there you are Frankie! Hard keeping track of you, you fast runner! Well, it's good that you're helping out." "Hello Mr. Mace. My name is Ted and I must say it warms my heart hearing that there are still people out there believing and doing their best to help out survivors in this harsh world we're living in." *Ted pauses, smells the warm wind, smiles* "Frankie and me are lucky to be part of a pretty big family and we're doing our best to keep some sort of a life going on. If you guys ever need help with anything just give me or any of our boys a call. I'm not gonna walk around with the dream of us being a functioning society but if enough people with enough skills gather they can make stuff happen..." *Looks at Endeavour who tries to fillet a fish with one hand and a rusty old knife, laughs* *Realizes he´s still keeping the radio in his hand* "Oh, sorry for that..where was I... yeah, hopefully you succeed in getting this outpost up and running soon and perhaps we´ll meet at some point! Be careful and stay safe man!" *Ted releases the PTT, drops the radio in his bag and grabs his shovel*
  8. *Ted stops by the water... takes out his guitar staring at the horizon*


    Are you out there..?

    *He sits down on the beach and quietly starts singing*

    "Chase your dreams but always know the road that'll lead you home again.
    Go on, take on this whole world.
    But to me you know you'll always be, my little girl."

    *Puts away his guitar and continues to stare in silence*