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  1. I wander around in the valley of despair
    To find the person who might repair
    a shattered heart a long time scar
    I wonder where you are.

    And as I walk deeper into the pit of misery
    I lose all my vision and cannot see
    the spark of hope and solution
    I wonder if love is an illusion.

    And as the shadows break my resistance
    I see a warm red light in the distance
    as you save me and open my chest
    I whisper "please, save the rest".

    I hear the sound of fixing and engineering
    and I feel all the pain disappearing
    from my chest and my mind
    I feel a love that's kind

    I thank you, but suddenly I look and realize
    what you did for me, that sacrifice.
    In the silence of pounding hearts
    I look at your missing parts.

    To return the favor I hold you dear and tight
    and I truly love you with all my might.
    Merging both our hearts with care
    to leave the valley of despair.

    1. Samti


      To wich sheep is that Directed at?

    2. HappiMoose


      you're sheep of my dreams <3


    3. Samti



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