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  1. If you wonder what a pretty good vlog looks like...Take a look at this. Are Dtube and Steemit.com new words for you? If you ask I will bomb your face with info



    1. FalkRP



    2. HappiMoose



    3. Jaxon


      Many wondered what happened to Bjorn after he left Black Bear Garage all those years ago, this here is the answer.

    4. HappiMoose


      He finally showed his face! 😆

    5. Outlawe



  2. Hi


    1. FalkRP


      Looking good Tedddy 

  3. A glimpse of the rarely seen real life HappiMoose. 


    1. FalkRP


      Fuck sake Munter 😂

  4. A little short clip I made inspired by a picture I made a long time ago... enjoy The character familiar @FalkRP?
  5. I found these! Nobody told me!        I love this game ...


    1. Samti


      Oh shit, I've never seen them ingame

    2. HappiMoose


      If you find them you will probably find me 😆

  6. Found an old one in the archives. On the same cliff from where Björn later fell down and lost his memory 😪

    @Jaxon & @Sophie


  7. Just a picture from my front yard... Where are you guys playing?


  8. Hol up


    1. HappiMoose


      Aah shiiiet! Something is cooking!

    2. FalkRP


      🤔 Endeavour and Ted in the move again

    3. HappiMoose


      Haha! Let's see, just got eager to go farming and hunting!

    4. FalkRP


      good ole days teaching the boys on how to farm

  9. One bean away from 100

    1. FalkRP


      It has been done viking man

    2. HappiMoose


      Thank you

  10. When the world you just fell in love with leaves you empty handed and you need to fight for the one thing you have left, your life. A young man with a burning passion for business and sales once packed all he owned and the woman he loved and dove straight in to the never ending world of adventures. His dream was to travel around the world, buying what one man grew for everyday food and selling it to another as gold and tressures. Ted Munter Growing up in a normal family in a normal neighbourhood, you could simply call Ted a kind and normal man. But leaving his old lifestyle for a more adventurous was an easy decision for him since the normal life kind of got boring after the first part if his life. Travelling around the world with his love one, later wife, Amanda, were the best years of his life. At least he thought so at the moment. A good amount of money in the pockets of valuable suits and nice parties was a good way to spend his young adult years. After a while the family grew bigger with a son and soon after that a daughter. A few more years of moving around the world started to get rough. A big deal was to be made with a factory in Chernarus and and the location of the meeting was Chernogorsk. Everything went well and the new chapter of Ted's life was about to start. Landing a good position in a country with good possibilities to evolve made Ted and Amanda think about settling down. They found a nice little home and scool for the kids the routines started rolling. A few years went by and everyone was comfortable with their lives. The children grew up and wanted to see the world. Ted and Amanda found a new interest in self sufficient living and learned how to farm and hunt. The business was running smooth and Ted rode around on his motorcycle getting to know the country. Everything was in balance until the day came when the world decided to fuck everyone over. Gabriel was home on a holiday and everyone was having a good time. Amanda and Gabriel went in to town for some shopping one beautiful afternoon and that was the last time Ted saw them..living... Everything went so fast that the next time he saw them on a distance, roaming the streets, he had already come to peace with the thought that he will never hug the woman he loves again. Broken, sad and afraid he ran away and never looked back. The only thought he had in his mind was - what if Saga is still alive and comes back home searching for her family? The only thing Ted had left was the knowledge how to survive and surviving in the shadows was the only thing that kept the broken soul going.
  11. - Ted -

    "We should probably start shitting out in the open. Because all the dead bodies, who should be fertilizing the ground, just fucking stand up and walk away."


  12. This is what real men play.

  13. Fuck this place. Fuck my family. Fuck society. Fuck my life. If there's no drama, there's no point in staying. Because life is just simply to boring. Those were the thoughts that pushed Patrick away from school, his friends and his family. He simply didn't work well together with the ways and rules of the modern society. Well...That was back when modern society still ment - no walking dead on the streets. Patrick always was the troubled kind of youngster. He and everyone else slowly realized that he would never fit in. Being a smart kid he learned the things he needed to know but quickly turned everything inside out just to get into the core of how all the stupid people around him were able to swallow all that shit and just keep on going. He had no problems finding jobs and things to do but keeping them was another story. As he grew up he lost touch with about everyone and everything around him. Simply put, an alternative thinker. The greatest weapon is the right word whispered in the right ear at the right moment. As the world fell apart Patrick quickly adapted. Feeling no connection or responsability to any old friends or family he just started moving around. He realized he was feeling light in a silly way. A big weight fell of his chest when there were no rules in the world. Just surviving. Now he could really start thinking of how one could build the perfect society. If something or someone is holding you down, get rid of it. In this new world a musician could really compose the perfect simphony, the artist could paint the perfect painting and the actor could play his way straight into the center of the - Game -
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