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  1. Ever since this morning every attempt I make to connect results in a 50-60 second wait during "Requesting Authentication" resulting in a message saying Authentication failed, disconnect and try again. Am I the only person suffering this issue?
  2. No that was a different player, my friend.
  3. Does anyone has any Information on the player who RP'D Akhmed "Da Bomb" Khaled's current whereabouts? He got banned and he was a good friend of mine. I would appreciate any information extremely much. Cheers
  4. Thanks guys, also if I see someone being robbed, even if I don't know any of the robbers/the person being robbed, can I shoot the robbers?
  5. I have been ill and I haven't been able to play for a few months so I need to ask some questions to boost my memory. If I am told to drop my weapon or I die, do I have permission to shoot the person(s) who told me to? Or do they need to make a more aggressive act towards me before I can retaliate?
  6. I'm currently installing the latest version of battleye to see if it will fix it. Didn't work, still having issues with all servers.
  7. I'm pretty sure that I don't I don't have any friends right now on this No I do not, I just noticed its happening on all servers, any ideas how to fix?
  8. I'm constantly being kicked from the server with the message: "you have been kicked" and nothing more. My ping is normal and this is quite annoying for me, can anyone fix this?
  9. Back to wreck havoc on cherno!
  10. Hello! i will be hopefully joining the server soon and I am very excited to do so Could anyone explain the current RP status within the server? Biggest groups/organisations, rivalry etc Thankyou!
  11. Well, this server is very unique and donating to help improve and ensure the server continues is part of the reason I will be doing so. Being a roleplayer in real life through larp and cosplaying is the reason I may have posted bluntly, its just im so anxious to join the server and thankyou for the messages
  12. I'm going to donate tomorrow, I cant get away from this website I want to join it so badly!
  13. I have recently sent off my application for the server, if I donate, will my priority in the que be raised? Would like to know because I am incredibly anxious to join this server and start roleplaying as soon as possible