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  1. Emil's stream

  2. The flying car in kabanino

    Yup, we drove close to a bus and the cat jusr went crazy
  3. Well I guess that was a greate new start of how the cars are being. For all those guys who were in kabanino it was fun RP'ing with you guys and I hope you guys enjoyed that flyoing Sedan in the air. I will uploade it on youtube or something later, but I really want to se how it looked like from the ground, so if you recoreded put the link or something here so we an se how stupid it looked like
  4. Emil's stream

  5. nah @Elmolike i said I didnt have anything so they got pissed at you because I didnt have anything good on me ;D
  6. Emil's stream

    just started streaming DAYZRP Check me out if you want to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSMbV4gWWLQp0c7hQOXbBxw I will post in the comments to keep you updated when am live!
  7. every question right?

    and then I get whitelisted?
  8. every question right?

    to get whitelisted, do I need to get all the questions right?
  9. what does "Rules passphrase" mean?

    ok thanks! so how do I know what the secret code is? like I mean hoe do I know what to look for?
  10. what does "Rules passphrase" mean?

    I am trying to get whitelisted and the first thing comes up and it is "Rules passphrase". what does that mean?