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  1. Prelude: Michael Colton is just on the edge of turning 16 on his arrival to Chernarus. He had come to see his dying mother in the poverty stricken country. Of course chaos was slowly consuming the country, but Michael and his father could care less, They have been to africa twice(and not in the good parts) so political debacles did not affect them. Also their top of the line insurance, ripcord, was their safe haven. As the situation slowly unfolded he and his family attempted to leave. This is the result...
  2. POV: Me and Brad Greene [Moo Ham Ed]^ initiated on Dan earlier. Then after about 30 to 45 minutes, I guess I crossed paths again with Dan. Dan recognized my voice and clothes I am assuming(though I did not react because I didn't notice his) and just before I could say "Howdy partner!", Dan shot me, however, I do believe it was in his rights. I guess after this Dan shot Samuel as he thought it was my friend? They were wearing similar clothes in Dan's defense.
  3. POV: I had the same viewpoint as Ravplays, and did notice a homophobic undertone, and yes Dan may have been a bit too "cheeky" but i do believe it was in character from what i saw(note i only saw prior him getting tortured). The remarks may have been in good taste for intended purpose of the character, but it was still uncomfortable. I am not sure what persisted, beyond what I witnessed, which may have led to Warren's desire to post a report.