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  1. Wow Im really shocked people hoard THAT much gear for no reason. A Regular player like me who dosent want to rp someone who robs others cant even get a simple ak. I've even searched military spawns that no one goes to and they all empty
  2. Do we have a plugin or something that lowers the spawn rate on firearms? Its strange to me that I cant find a simple AK in Chernarus anywhere and I've been killed by zombies twice so far mainly due to a lack of firepower. I dont know if large groups go around and hoard everything or what but It seems they just spawn a lot less. Anyone else run into this problem?
  3. Alot of civilians including myself are far away from any military personal because they love to take away our weapons
  4. I dont get why people go Ex Military at all. Just be like me and become a Cherno Russian Fisherman
  5. I never realised how bad this has gotten until just today when I went to the refugee UN camp in game. Out of the 13 people there (Excluding UN soldiers) There was only one man along with me who didnt have an M4 or fully kitted AKM with sights and stuff. Really does ruin the immersion
  6. Thats right, I spent the past WEEK getting my character perfect for the lore wipe and I was having some good roleplay when I got one hit by a zombie and died while I was health with full health. I wanna kill myself IRL rn
  7. In my opinion you should just drop the whole idea for now. I personally dont like the idea of being forced not to play or play diffrently for an extended period of time, and implementing this (Has already) and will cause giant fights and a rift inside of the community. -1
  8. Alright so tmrw morning for example I can go and gather some stuff in preperation for my new charcter?
  9. I'm relativly inexperianced when it comes to lore wipes and I have a couple questions towards it. 1: All charecters, groups and current settlments will be reset, Correct? 2: An entirerly new story shall be made and I'll have to follow roleplay format of it. Correct? 3: Do I roleplay as if its the first day of the infection? Thank you
  10. I know Im basically a nobody here but Id like to state my opinion on the matter still. I think if someone tried breaking into a settlment It should be settled through Rp first before shooting the guy. If they try and do it a second time blow his brains out. If a bunch of guys with guns try to enter your settlement after you've given them a warning at the front not to enter, shoot them if they come in. You should only be allowed to do this if your base has defined borders however. Going into someone elses tent should obviously be KOS if nessasary however.
  11. I've been getting bored of the charecter I've been playing on being stuck as a doctor and stuff. Id like to make a new charecter and make a new story but I really dont wanna build up my reputation again and get myself settled into the groups I know again as a new person. Any Ideas how I could fix my problem or am I screwed and either stuck with my charecter or will I have to make a new one and start from scratch with every relationship and encounter Ive ever come across.
  12. My best memory happend a couple min ago. I returned to Green Mountain to find my home being ransacked by bandits. I started to leave and got held up by people who turned out to be my allies. We all started to assault the compound and me being a doctor was able to save 2 people after getting shot unconscious and it felt really good and will always be a memory helping these brave fighters. I then joined the charge into the compound and was shot dead along with some of the brave men next to me. A good memory and a fun night of fighting.
  13. @Lyca @Elmo Lol I didnt know you 2 were staff . I dun goofed #PermaBan I've enjoyed all Rp ive experianced from the past couple days of returning to Dayz. Love settlments and love the Green Mountain crew!
  14. TheMilkman


    We talked about it all In TS. Hue is a badass and I love him dearly and I just drove into a big clusterfuck like an idiot and its all good. Id Like to Close the Report.
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