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    Thank you for the beanz mate

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      Think  nothing of it. You actually made a sound argument and one that I agree with, the people usually on S2 would be on S1 if what the people say is the case. There are people who play S2 and will always play and prefer S2 as long as it's up.

  2. I have not been around for a while and apologize. One of my uncles has been hospitalized and is unresponsive, not going to get too much into it but it's been pretty heavy stuff and have had to put a good deal of my attention towards that. Those that do believe in the almighty I ask for your prayers. For the rest of you any well wishes would also be appreciated.

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    S2 Killing of Compliant Hostage/Metagaming

    This thing has turned into a whole mess. I vote that we wait for one of the Admins to take a look so that the situation can be resolved properly instead of arguing back and forth, because that's what this has dissolved into.
  4. So I had an exciting day. I watched YouTube videos... which is actually kind of sad.

    I need loooots of ice cream right now to make myself feel better.

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    S2 Killing of Compliant Hostage/Metagaming

    I have to apologize. As I said while typing the post it's late and I'm running on fumes, and while scanning the rules I did not notice that section within the Hostage rules. Thank you for pointing it out.
  6. bucketfan4life

    S2 Killing of Compliant Hostage/Metagaming

    OOC note it's late for me, I'm going to bed soon and should have been there hours ago. Anyway... Stephen Morris' POV: My part in the operation was simple. I was a guy given a gun, was there when the plan for an ambush with Klaus @Wash was hatched. He went ahead of us, after hearing through the radio that Klaus had made contact we made for their location. Upon reaching their location we scoped things out, talked out an ambush and successfully surrounded them. I do not stress the fact that Klaus' contact with our group was kept through the radio only, that was the only way he had any contact with us. We sprung the trap and boxed Elliot in. That was when a sniper started opening fire on us in spite of the fact that we all outnumbered Elliot. We did as we were permitted to do by the rules and that was retaliating for being fired upon first. As @Nathan Osbourne said the demands were very simple. We retaliated and I am going to quote one of the rules, item 8:3 of the Hostages section: "You cannot demand that somebody puts their own life at risk or else the hostage will be shot." Although it does say in rule 11 that you are not permitted to give information about your captors(and keep in mind, this is not Elliot choosing to communicate to the sniper through the radio of his own volition which would be a breach of the rules, it's him being ordered to tell the sniper not to fire on us by his captor. I am new, I admit, but I read the rules thoroughly. There is nothing that says that the captor cannot order the prisoner to tell something to their men through the radio). And since his hands were not bound yet Nathan did tell Elliot to tell the sniper through the radio that if the sniper opened fire Elliot would die. Instead he opened fire and we defended ourselves appropriately. That's my account of the incident.
  7. I fell off one of the guard towers at the military base north of Troitskoe... like an idiot. I felt like a regular horse's ass lol.