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  1. Alan Highland joined the Norwegian Armed forces at a age of 23. After the outbreak ravage his country they were supposed to be taken to a safe haven at a military base in Germany, but his C-17 that was transporting him and his fellow soldiers crashed somewhere in the Czech Republic, he was the only survivor. He wrote this in his journal: "Dated April 23, 2019 My name is Wargasm, or Alan if you like. Where shall I begin? It all started with me being born.. The years went on and on till I became 22 years old, where I joined the Norwegian Armed Forces, where I got my combat experence. We started hearing rumors about these happenings in and around the world, but we didn't really believe them. "Snåsamannen" had long predicted that something would happen, but he couldn't really tell if it would be a good or a bad thing. This was in the early summer of 2012, and we didn't really hear much about it after that. It was when we were on a leave that we would see these checkpoints starting to appear around the country, military checkpoints, but when we would ask the soldiers, and tell them that we also were soldiers, they would tell us to "back off, or they'll fire!" I don't know if it was our civilian clothing or us thinking that we could just walk up on him like he was our brother that made him sceptical of us, or.. I don't know.. Everyone seemed to be on an edge. All we knew was that our officers hadn't told us anything, and for all we knew, it could have just been an act to secure us from the growing threat from ISIS. Although we did have our theories.. That our military would keep us focused on staying prepared, incase our growing threat to the east, Russia, would take this "happening" as an advantage to strike us while our country was ravaged by fear of what would be known as "zombies". Like come on, "zombies"!? I was on the verge of becoming 23 years old, and had gotten my fair share of zombie movies up through the years, but that they would actually call them "zombies"?! Well, maybe it was because it was a term that everyone knew and understood.. We didn't really feel it as a threat until the whole world had gone to hell. We couldn't really understand why we hadn't been hit yet.. Well, of course.. We were Norwegian, and we knew that this particular country did have a harsh climate, and that could have stopped the virus dead in its tracks, but that couldn't have been the only reason, could it? This was all a lie.. The harsh climate hadn't stopped the zombies dead in their tracks, they were here, they were in the country, they had grown used to the climate, and they were spreading faster than the Black Plauge in the mid 14th century. The only reason we thought we were "safe" was that it had started in the southern part, and made its way up to the north, slowly but steady. The order came as fast as the virus. We were to get our gear, and leave. We didn't know where or with what. We were picked up by a transport vehicle, and transported to the airfield. We had 2 minutes to grab whatever we could find, and phone home. If we didn't get any answer, we were ordered to assume that our families were dead, we had one minute to grieve, and we would never speak of our families again, we had to stay sharp! Our transport reached the airfield in record time, and as we went off we could hear the rumbling sound of C-17 Globemasters landing. I've never seen so many huge planes on one little airfield before! In the mongst of the chaos, everything seemed very calm, it was like watching a movie in slow motion. I couldn't really differ whether our officers had control or not, but I guess that was the difference from civilian to military life.. Our plane reached takeoff speed at 11:54 local time, and from the round windows in the cargo hull we could see a formation of huge grey cargo planes take off from this remote airfield in the middle of Northern Norway. As we got over the mountains we could see clouds of black smoke coming from the ground, we could see whole cities devoured in flames as the plane went up in the skies, and the clouds took over, we would get our last glint of something we used to call "home". Now that we were somewhat safe, our officers could now tell us where we were heading. We were heading to a remote base in Germany, that apparently had managed to keep itself somewhat secure from the outbreak. The whole cargo hull cheered like we had just won a great battle. It was a feeling of calm, and you could see that people gave their families one last thought, before they to put them to rest forever. 18:33, I was woken up by something that felt like something pushed the plane downwards, and our officers seemed worried. One of them would walk fast paced up to the cockpit, and the others would look out the windows, worried. "WE JUST LOST ENGINE 4!" one of them yelled! The officer rushed down the staircase from the cockpit, and told us all to put on our lifewests! We were going to Germany, and I couldn't for the life of me remember that there were any huge oceans from Norway to Germany, well, maybe The North Sea, and The Baltic Sea, but we should have passed them a long time ago! "WE ARE LOSING ALTITUDE!" someone yelled from the cockpit, while I could hear the officers next to me chatting about something that sounded like that we had been circling for 5 hours, and that the electronics and the GPS had been knocked out by the EMP from a nuclear blast when we flew over Poland, which of course we hadn't been told! It's amazing how fast it is to descend from 12 000 meteres and down to 10, in just a matter of a few minutes that felt like days.. The last thing I remember was the copilot coming down, screaming to one of our officers that we were somewhere north in the Czech Republic, and that he wished us all good luck. - Then it all went black. That was 7 weeks ago.."
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