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  1. [SSC] Prud lake by kakan

    good job, really nice
  2. do I have kos rights?

    Hello, me and a bunch of friends stumbled across a 'survivor' I told him drop all of his weapons, and backpack and don't face me. He complied, but then he pull out a hatchet and swung it so I simply told him put it away otherwise you would be shot, he then turned and pulled out his side-arm, facing me, so I shot him.
  3. I keep getting kicked from the server

    Maybe one day, well if you meet Logan Fisher in game, you may get the opportunity, hahahahahahahah.
  4. I keep getting kicked from the server

    I reinstalled the game, and it worked! Just got robbed though ahahaahahah, thanks alot:)
  5. I keep getting kicked from the server

    Ok thanks alot guys
  6. I keep getting kicked from the server

    16-40, so relatively low ping
  7. I keep getting kicked from the server

    Yes I have just updated it but im still getting kicked
  8. I keep getting kicked from the server

    Hello, I got whitelisted yesterday and my first time playing is today, my first session lasted around 15minutes, before I got randomly kicked straight after the server restart. Now i get kicked within 5/15minutes of playing. What caught my attention was, when I join the servers this error comes up 'you can not play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content which has been deleted. frb' I simply click 'ok' and the server lets me in, then I will get kicked the reason for I got kicked was 'You have been kicked off the game.' I literally waited 2 months to get whitelisted so please anyone with any solution don't be shy! Thanks, Morgan.
  9. Randomly getting kicked every 15 minutes

    Yup just go whitelisted and now im constantly being kicked after 5-30minutes of playing
  10. hey

    Hello :)just got white registered
  11. I have moved from position 610/580 in 7days

    Oh, so even if I donate, it may still take a month to get white listed, is it worth the risk?
  12. I have moved 30places in 7days, by the time I actually get whitelisted ill probably be dead, of around 80years old, PLEASE hurry up, im desperate for a place on the dayzRP servers [/font]
  13. Hey