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  1. Hello, me and a bunch of friends stumbled across a 'survivor' I told him drop all of his weapons, and backpack and don't face me. He complied, but then he pull out a hatchet and swung it so I simply told him put it away otherwise you would be shot, he then turned and pulled out his side-arm, facing me, so I shot him.
  2. Maybe one day, well if you meet Logan Fisher in game, you may get the opportunity, hahahahahahahah.
  3. I reinstalled the game, and it worked! Just got robbed though ahahaahahah, thanks alot:)
  4. Yes I have just updated it but im still getting kicked
  5. Hello, I got whitelisted yesterday and my first time playing is today, my first session lasted around 15minutes, before I got randomly kicked straight after the server restart. Now i get kicked within 5/15minutes of playing. What caught my attention was, when I join the servers this error comes up 'you can not play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content which has been deleted. frb' I simply click 'ok' and the server lets me in, then I will get kicked the reason for I got kicked was 'You have been kicked off the game.' I literally waited 2 months to get whitelisted so please anyone with any solution don't be shy! Thanks, Morgan.
  6. Yup just go whitelisted and now im constantly being kicked after 5-30minutes of playing
  7. Hello :)just got white registered
  8. Oh, so even if I donate, it may still take a month to get white listed, is it worth the risk?
  9. I have moved 30places in 7days, by the time I actually get whitelisted ill probably be dead, of around 80years old, PLEASE hurry up, im desperate for a place on the dayzRP servers [/font]