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  1. oh sorry, that was not enough? ^^ ok Florian Pooh POV : I was at the NWAF with idole and Perry to loot some stuff. It was my first day on this server and I had not really a good stuff and nothing to eat. And then Perry saw a guy at the tents. Perry ran to the guy and spoke with him ingame. I was in the background just to check the situation. After some minutes we decided to initiate. Perry told him to hands up and asked him for the radio. We took his radio and I tied his hand then. I took some stuff and then I run around the tents to check the situation again. idole told us to let him some stuff like a weapon with ammo and so on. After we robbed him we left him some stuff to survive and idole untied him. Unfortunately I have also no video but in my point of view there was a part of roleplay before we initiate. Regards, Flo
  2. Florian Pooh POV: To be honest I have no idea what we did wrong. Perry had a conversation with Kyle_Jones and after that we initiated. idole told us that we have to let him some gear what we did. If I did something wrong sorry for that. Thanks, Flo