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  1. Oh absolutely, if I see someone I will make contact first. I just didn't want to come across a tent with nobody around - so I assume it must be abandoned, only to have them watch me "rob" them from a tree line 200m away and get shot.
  2. I had a question regarding settlements - if I accidentally enter one without knowing are the settlement members allowed to KOS? I don't want to stumble into a town or come across a seemingly empty camp and pick up some loot and have them think I'm robbing them and shoot on sight. I've seen other threads where people have complained about the settlement rules and how they are 100% tilted in favor of the settlers. I just didn't want to put myself in a position where I loot a town, get shot at - and if I return fire, I'm considered the aggressor. I try to keep my camera rolling just in case there is a misunderstanding or miscommunication that results in someones death.. but I don't want a bullet crack and a black screen because I wandered over some unmarked border. Is there at least a map or something? I mean if OOC rules are in place to protect settlements, then surely there should be OOC rules to protect people who accidentally wander in.
  3. *Nathan hits the PTT* Is there....*static*... out there? I need.. *static* ... immediately. Battery... *static*... ing low. I am holed up in Stary..*crackle*..obor. I am a US Soldier heading to Zelen...*static*..orsk. Please respond if you can hear.. *static*
  4. It's just my backstory, I followed the general lore but any inconsistencies can be explained by my individual viewpoint. Dates and certain details are just things my character has heard from news/rumors/etc... so it may not 100% line up with the official lore. This was actually my whitelist backstory that I wrote yesterday but decided to share with the community after correcting a few minor details. I haven't read all of the detailed lore stories yet, I'm still working through them. Thanks everyone!
  5. My name is Nathan Rogers. I joined the United States Army in 2006 as a 74D which is a CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) Specialist. I was just out of high school and needed a job so I figured the Army would give me the best chance at that. I chose CBRN because due to the increased threat of terrorism, I figured it would give me the most experience that I could later transfer to a high paying civilian job. After 10 weeks of basic training and 11 weeks of Advanced Individual Training I felt confident in my abilities. For the next two years it was just drills and training. I was deployed to Iraq in 2008 to help dismantle and dispose of old chemical weapon stockpiles that Saddam Hussein had stashed away and tried to destroy prior to the invasion in 2003. This was my first real hands on training. After the longest 14 months of my life I returned stateside in 2009 and my unit was assigned to a partnership with the CDC in the event of a biological outbreak. We learned contamination, quarantine, cleanup, and disposal procedures. It was class after class on things like dispersion patterns, resistance percentages, as well as identifying symptoms. Luckily I had trained closely with field medics while deployed so the medical stuff came naturally to me. I was offered a promotion to E5 if I re-enlisted and so I decided for an 8 year extension. I loved the Army and the training they had given me. It was no longer about getting that high paying civilian job anymore. I felt like this is where I was able to make the biggest difference. The news had been going crazy about the civil war in Chernarus. If the government had decided to utilize their chemical or biological weapon stockpiles against the rebels then surely the US would intervene and I would be on the front lines doing real work rather than taking out the garbage like I did in Iraq. Fortunately (or unfortunately for me) the civil war ended almost as quickly as it started. The US sent in special forces to assist the Chernarus government in quelling the uprising. They were mostly small units that primarily trained the local military, but the stockpile of weapons, ammunition, and vehicles sure helped as well. Looks like I had to wait for the next war to break out. Back to studying outbreak and contamination scenarios in endless boring classes. The years came and went. I helped consult on everything from train derailments to anthrax scares. There was even a nasty case of measles that spread throughout Chicago that was resistant to treatment. Thanks anti-vaxxers. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that I got the call that would change my life. I was an E7 (Sergeant First Class) at this point and was in charge of my own team working with the CDC focused primarily on biological contamination. It was late 2014. The CDC tracks outbreaks and diseases all over the world. They had received a call from a hospital in Zelenogorsk, Chernarus. Yes, the same country that put down the rebellion that got me so excited 5 years earlier. Apparently they had a patient displaying odd symptoms and had sent blood and tissue samples to their lab. Naturally, due to the high military presence and political instability of the region, my unit was called in to assist in the event that this was an intentional act. We had never seen anything like it before. My unit commander, Captain Duvall, who actually held a medical degree was the first to examine the samples and put us to work. It was unlike anything we had seen. The hospital provided few details other than the man who was admitted was attacked by an unknown assailant. Instantly the thought of Georgi Markov came to mind, the man who was assassinated by KGB agents using a ricin pellet fired from an umbrella. Could this be another covert assassination gone wrong using some form of biological agent? More information was needed. A few days later we received another update from the hospital administrator in Zelenogorsk. Several other citizens had been admitted with similar symptoms. An individual attack was ruled out. No professional assassination using a biological agent would be so careless as to infect others and draw international attention. Plus Patient 1 was just an average citizen with no political ties. What we really needed was Patient 0. The original (that we know of) person who attacked that man. The initial transfer indicates maybe blood or fluid transmission. However the new patients admitted had no physical contact with the previous infected victims. Could this be airborne? How was it transmitting and more importantly how was it incubating and infecting so quickly? Our lab was unable to identify the virus. It was unlike anything the CDC had come across. It was later described as a “Franken-virus”. Having genetic markers key to other diseases like smallpox, ebola, norovirus, Hepatitis Delta virus, even a very specific gene sequence unique only to the Powassan virus, which is extremely interesting because this virus is so rare, only a few laboratories in the world are equipped to even test for it. However it makes sense since the symptoms are somewhat similar to what was described in Zelenogorsk. Initial symptoms include fever, headache, nausea, confusion and weakness.. which isn’t unusual but this virus often causes more serious symptoms later on such as damage to the central nervous system, cranial nerve palsies, and altered mental status. Even if treated properly patients can be left with permanent symptoms that affect the nervous system and the brain. Except these symptoms take weeks to present. Not hours or days. I didn’t realize how important those symptoms were until it was too late. By the time we had identified some of these gene sequences, Zelenogorsk went dark. News reports indicated that a neighboring town was seeing symptoms and that the country had declared a state of emergency. Within days the infection had spread. Our teams were working round the clock to map and project the spread but with the limited information we had, it was moving faster than we could predict. Every time a quarantine zone was established, the disease would spread. It wasn’t long before the entire country closed its borders. The CDF had taken control. I remember I had once met a member of the Chernarus Defense Force a few years ago as part of a joint training exercise. I had no doubt that he was in the thick of it right now. Within 72 hours we were put in direct contact with the CDF and assisted them the best way we could. They had more samples sent via military aircraft to a location in Siberia where after sterilization procedures, was later forwarded to us at the CDC. This operation had officially been militarized by the US Government. My quiet little corner of the CDC exploded with personnel and equipment. We worked tirelessly day and night for a month before we heard the news that Chernarus had gone dark. After the first domino, the rest began to fall. Faster and faster other countries went dark. It was Russia who first turned to Nuclear weapons. Their first city to go dark was hit with a strategic nuclear strike. Less than two days later Moscow went dark. Our first cases of the disease were reported in New York and LA around the same time. International travel had been shut down for nearly a week. This told me that some people must be carriers. Immune to the effects but still able to pass it on, like a Typhoid Mary. The US was in a state of emergency. National Guard units had set up quarantine zones but they were breached just like everywhere else. We had developed an experimental vaccine that blocked key features of the virus. Usually it takes years to develop, test, and approve. We did it in 5 months. We didn’t know if it worked but we saw ourselves as the last line of defense against this virus. If we fall, humanity falls. We knew that in order to get to the root of this, we had to go to ground zero. Find out where and how this started. My unit had packed up as much equipment as possible and boarded a C-5 bound for Reykjavik, Iceland where we would take on more soldiers and some equipment and fuel for the final leg to Chernarus. Once we landed in Reykjavik, we learned from satellite imagery that all landing zones within Chernarus were either damaged or obstructed. It was decided that ship was the best mode of transport. We lovingly renamed the ship "Mayflower" because it felt like we were sailing into the unknown. It would be a 14 day trip to the port of Chernogorsk, then another 2 day trip in vehicles to Zelenogorsk. My team consists of about two dozen doctors and CBRN specialists, 150 soldiers, and a small convoy of armored vehicles and supply trucks. All were vaccinated using our experimental drug. Just after passing through the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul we noticed some crew members and soldiers started experiencing mild symptoms. It progressed slowly, we believe as a result of the vaccine slowing the virus down, apparently it wasn’t 100% effective. Blood samples of these people indicate that certain childhood illnesses had caused white blood cells to reduce the effect of the vaccine. A ship wide survey indicated that 90% of the crew and soldiers had once contracted one of these illnesses as a child. At that moment I knew it was only a matter of time before their vaccine wore off. Those of us who weren’t susceptible were quarantined from everyone else, sealing our fate and theirs. About 10 miles to go and most of the crew had succumb to the illness. It was like something out of a horror movie. We had to get off this ship. The immune were sealed in the bridge but the infected broke through. Satellite navigation must have put us off course because nobody recognized where we were. We think we ended up far north of our destination closer to Svetlojarsk. The infected were breaking through into the bridge. They were like rabid animals. Some of the immune soldiers tried to fight them off, but we knew if we stayed there we would die. The last crewman pointed the ship towards land and locked the throttle. No matter what we had to get off this ship. We broke through a port hole and made our way to the railing. Infected swarming around underneath us. The ship was fast approaching land and I knew we had to jump. If the keel split open who knows where I’ll end up. I jumped along with a few others. I started swimming for shore. I heard the sound of crashing glass, grinding metal and rocks breaking. I made it to shore and couldn’t find anyone else who had jumped with me. I don’t think they made it. I started running south away from the hundreds of infected I knew would be pouring out of the ship. I was finally here in Chernarus. Now I must gather supplies and allies and make my way to Zelenogorsk with the hopes of curing this plague.