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  1. Ralph loved to go hunting with his father and brother and wanted the bigger game so they went on a hunting trip to Chernarus. While there Ralph and his dad began hunting. Whilst in a hostel the outbreak of the infection occurred and the country was thrown into chaos. Ralph and his father went out to get supplies as they predicted they would be holed up in the country for a while. Whilst in the city often called 'Cherno' his father was bitten which cause him to 'turn'. Ralph was forced to kill his own father. Since then he's been on the road looking for salvation.
  2. *Ralph sounds distraught when he pushes down the PTT, he whispers...* Dan...? Please let that be you. I don't know his name, but he's taken me somewhere. The group you left me with left and straight after, this guy came. He says he's got a plan with me and that I am safe if I do what he says. Dan please help me. Anyone help me... *Ralph releases the PTT and puts the radio back where he found it. He looks at his captor through the window of the house who had just stubbed his cigarette out and was walking back, the door slammed behind him*