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  1. Jake's Father, Vladek Fyodor, was born in chernarus, but moved to America to seek a better life. He soon found a woman he fell in love with in the US, named Winter Olivia. They settled down, and 2 years later, Jake Fyodor was born in 1999. A common American name - Jake - was used, and his father's last name, Fyodor, was given to him. In Russian, the name Fyodor means, "The gift of God". His siblings, Anya - his sister - and William - his brother, were born around 2 years apart from each other, Anya being 2 years younger than him, and Will being 2 years younger than her. Jake became an extraordinary athlete, prospering in track throughout high school years. His Junior year, scouts all over the country wanted him, but he wished to attend a local university in Texas. At the end of his Junior year, he took a trip in june with his father to his homeland: Chernarus. It was planned to stay there for the summer, and there were some shady government and military stuff going on in chernarus, but none of that concerned Jake. But on that day, everything changed. Without a proper track of time, Jake only knew that everything went into chaos around the beginning of July, 2017. There seemed to be no warning, no cause, but everything around him came crumbling down. People looked as if they were walking corpses, attacking and killing those who weren't sick. He, his father, and his relatives fleed to other towns within Chernarus. Eventually the family gradually split up with their close family, and it was only Jake, his Father, and his uncle Oleg. With little knowledge of his father's homeland, language, and geography, he depended on his father to survive. But that didn't last long. a month later, on a trek for more supplies, Jake, Vladek, and Oleg were cornered by infected, and in a last resort effort, Vladek sacrificed himself to buy time in order to save his brother and son. Even with that sacrifice, more and more infected showed, chasing down Oleg and Jake. They eventually caught up, taking the life of Oleg, giving Jake just enough time to get away. He's been surviving on his own, unable to contact his mother or siblings back home, in a foreign land with infected corpses that will stop at nothing to fill their killing appetite.