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  1. Crescent Bay [Open Frequency]

    *Stephen was sitting in an old barn staring at his old walkie talkie. He had been trying to reach people for days. He was hoping to find other people alive. He did not expect to recognize the voice on the radio.* "Lyaria? I don't know if you'll remember me. I walked into the GMTC camp at Komarovo Docks about a week ago. I said I was looking for people, for somewhere I might be able to belong, in return for scavenging for the camp. I left a bunch of food, ammo and a couple weapons and went back out to scavenge." *Stephen paused to take another swig of an old can of Sprite he found. Long since flat but still sweet nonetheless.* "Two days later I returned to the camp and found it deserted except from a couple wrecked tents. What happened? I know the Doc with the stutter had been complaining about almost being robbed on the road coming in during my first visit. Did the camp get raided or what? I hope all your people got out safely. Anyway, I headed back north scouting for more ammo and useful stuff. I am totally overloaded and would like to hook up to offload it if your group still has room for one more." *Stephen stops a second to decide if he should say what is in his head.* "If your group is still alive that is?"
  2. Curious about storage

    I wasn't aware of the barrels. Tents I was already knew about but they are hardly better than just leaving all your items in a pile under a sign post with, "Help Yourself!!" written on it. And yes, I would imagine that both tents and barrels are like gold dust in this game.
  3. Curious about storage

    Okay so the world of DayZ looks like an apocalyptic version of the real world but it doesn't play like one and I am not sure what to do. What I mean is that you have houses everywhere and in these houses there are wardrobes, cupboards, boxes and various other containers that are really only graphical garnish that makes it look like you are in the real world but which have no function whatsoever. This is a problem because I want to roleplay the life my character would have in this game but I am forced to keep all my worldly possesions on my person because there is no way to stash them anywhere. I have been looking through the wiki and trawling websites looking for an answer but there doesn't seem to be one. I am curious about what other players do because I find that besides looking for players to interact with in the game, there really is little other point in my character exploring because I cannot carry anything other than what I have on me. I had not played DayZ prior to joining this group and I have to say I am slightly shocked because the game has been out so long and I would have thought that the ability to set yourself up a base for your stuff would have been an essential part of the game and would have come out within the first or second update. Playing a loot filled game but not providing anywhere to put that loot kind of feels like playing a version of GTA where they forgot to add any cars to the game.
  4. Hello Everyone

    Today I had my whitelist request accepted so I wanted to come on here to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Stephen. Most of my gamer friends either call me that or Lost or LostMan. I have been roleplaying for many years but I am very new to DayZ. I am a huge fan of the Zombie genre of games though so I look forward to meeting some of you in game. I joined your group because I was looking for an experience more akin to the TV show, The Walking Dead. I used to play another Zombie game called H1Z1 expecting to find what I was looking for but instead I found a community of "shoot first, rob your corpse later" players. I got sick of it until I found this. Time to see if it is what I am looking for. See you all in game.