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  1. could someone please add me on skype Bambi Boss or send me the TS IP because having trouble downloading things i need to be able to play cheers
  2. Thanks guys i have been accepted, cheers for the great service Sorry if i seemed a bit of a dick guys.
  3. hey everyone, or who over reads this. I was just wondering why i am going back up in the queue, from 7 to 10, I dont mind i am just a bit confused Cheers
  4. Look im sorry guys i didnt mean to ome across rude, i didnt really understand the whole thing but i get it now, i just really wanna play it Sorry guys, wont happen again
  5. OK i have just donated 2 times now and you only moved me once, whats the deal with this then, wither move me up or give me my money back. not being rude just feel a bit ripped off SORRY all is well now thankyou, chhers for the great service