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  1. POV from Morgan's only ally at the time: Our friend had recently been hurt and was lacking blood (not with us at the time) and our characters were desperate for some A- or O- type blood. As this was our motive to capture Francis, we took him hostage to see if he was compatible. We recognize that the "//permission to ..." chat is for permanent procedures and marks towards other characters. However, as blood testings do not do any physical harm or leave any marks on the character, we chose to go ahead anyways and test his blood. From our point of view, saying "//you cannot test my blood" is not valid as it does no harm and is all within the RP of our characters. In fact, if saying something like that is valid, then he might as well have said "//you do not have permission to take me hostage". Nonetheless, the decision is up to the admin and we respect that. As our hostage, we protected him and made sure no harm came to him. We were also prepared to give him saline bags IV to reimburse him for any potential "blood donations", as was stated by us throughout the interaction. In the end, he was not compatible and we left him to wiggle out of the tape. As mentioned, he was allowed to leave without any harm or blood loss. We monitored him from a distance to make sure he was not attacked while trying to get free. Personally, we find this repport immature and offensive as we did not find the RP of bad quality as Francis says. We hope this is enough information to make a decision.