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  1. My name is Michael Bradley.... I was still young when I got into military school. I wanted to go to military school because I did not have any family. Actually I did but my dad was an alcoholic and my mom passed away years ago. I decided to leave my dad and become an intern at the military. I was 24 years old when me and some mates were watching the news. There was something about some virus. At the time we did not now what it was. After a day or two our commander told us we were being deployed somewhere near South Zagoria. Our task was to shoot down people who were infected and were behaving aggressivly. Me and my colleagues were on roadblock duty. It was 2 AM when we heard something moaning in the treelines nearby. A mad man stormed out of the forest and we told him to stop. He kept on running, our instructions were clear so we shot the man. Then we heared more moaning and many infected people came out of the forest. All of them were storming towards us, it was a chaos. I decided to run away and hide. I know I was being a coward but it was just my survival instinct. The next morning I was making my way to basecamp, when I arrived, the camp was abandoned. They even left most of the goods behind so I grabbed some food and drinks from crates. I decided to wait for someone to show up. What else could I do? After a couple of days I saw a big group of people in the distant. I grabbed my binoculars and I saw the things that attacked us a couple of nights ago. As fast as I could I grabbed food and water and ran to a basement nearby. I closed the door and barricaded it and I waited there. A couple of weeks passed and I was running out of food. I decided to move out of the basement, this is were my story begins...