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  1. Edgar

    S1: BadRP, Unsurvivable conditions - NWAF 7/8/18 16:30

    Of course, I totally forgot about that. 1 hour before the incident he already threatened me about me not giving him food which he needed because he was starving. I just came up north with no weapon but a backpack and we had a conversation. He asked me for food but I said no because I needed it myself. He then went quiet for a moment then suddenly he pointed his SKS at me. This was also one of the reasons why I cursed at him so much.
  2. Edgar

    S1: BadRP, Unsurvivable conditions - NWAF 7/8/18 16:30

    Who said I have more video evidence which I havent posted? My bad for my missunderstanding with the writing of my POV. We were sitting at a fireplace 10 meters away from where the situation was. Suddenly I saw a guy looting in a shed and I did see him before reloading his SKS and we decided to see whats up. I had a SKS and I wanted some ammo so I asked him since he had one too. He said he didnt have so I decided to tie him up just to make sure he is not lying. At this point I already knew he was lying becuase as I said, I saw him reload his gun earlier. As soon as we found out that he was lying I then took his amunition. Take note that as we were going towards him at the beginning he could easily see that there was a campfire which we left. As you can see in the video I then wanted to leave him there handcuffed so he could break out, but my teammate decided to lock him up first for his own protection. At this time I had already planned to throw my flashbang as a "torture" which was intended just to blind him for some seconds. As we were about to leave him I forgot to do exactly that. At this point we were only 5-6 meters away from the shed that we locked him in to. So I went back and did so, my teammate shot the door open I threw it and the door remained open. Before we left, my teammate made sure that he knew that there was a campfire and food next to it. After that we left.
  3. Edgar

    S1: BadRP, Unsurvivable conditions - NWAF 7/8/18 16:30

    And I like that you go against me only because Scottie is your friend. Why dont you ask him if he has a footage of me throwing flashbang telling him that it was ment to break his legs. Or proof that I robbed someone the day before. He is the one saying that I did that, so he is the one who needs to show a footage. I would have if I had the footage, but I dont. Please be fair with this report, thank you.
  4. Edgar

    S1: BadRP, Unsurvivable conditions - NWAF 7/8/18 16:30

    I do not know what you mean by that. That is the only clip ive got which I was about to upload on my youtube channel. As I said, I have my nvidia shadowplay set to record last 2min and 30 sec. The only thing we cant find is the flashbang scene which i threw to blind him.
  5. Edgar

    S1: BadRP, Unsurvivable conditions - NWAF 7/8/18 16:30

    I did respond?? Im the one who is waiting for a respond... look at the vid over your last post..
  6. Edgar

    S1: BadRP, Unsurvivable conditions - NWAF 7/8/18 16:30

    As I said, I threw the flashbang to blind you for some seconds, what is the point of bringing that up? Also I have no footage of when I threw the flashbang, but I hope @Grayfox has. But since you asked for the whole video here you go.. The fire and wood can not be seen from my POV, but as he said, there is food and campfire , and there was. You might see it from his point fo view if he has footage.. The reason I recorded only this is becuase my nvidia shadowplay records last 2min and 30sec.
  7. Edgar

    S1: BadRP, Unsurvivable conditions - NWAF 7/8/18 16:30

    Jesus Christ.. I had a flashbang to use it for what it is used for, and that was to flash/blind you for some sec. If you consider that as a torture then I really think thats your own problem. We asked for bullets and you lied, which is the reason we cuffed you. And, I had a lockpick and I said so but my partner didnt hear me, we did leave you food at a fireplace which we used. And you saying that I robbed people yesterday is a lie. In this clip you can see us going though his stuff to see if he is lying or not, which he did. He was about to drop his jacket and as he stood still he moved his ammo to his pants. As we cuffed him we could see that he had ammo and that he was lying. In this clip you can hear me cursing after we found out that he was lying. The part that I skipped is where I just curse. As I said to my partner @Grayfox, I didnt like weak people. Him not being honest considered as being weak, and also told him that he sounded like a woman, which aslo was a part of the roleplay. At the end you can clearly hear @Grayfox telling him that there is a campfire and food next to it.
  8. Edgar

    S1: BadRP, Unsurvivable conditions - NWAF 7/8/18 16:30

    @Scottie 1st of all, I met Grayfox IG and we agreed to team up. 2nd of all, I want to know what of the following things that (I) did which was bad RP. 3rd of all you threatened me which gives all the right for me to initiate. All I took from you was 12-13 akm ammo and your vest and for that you took my life. The reason you are typing this is because Grayfox killed you, you wouldnt have if you survivied.
  9. This character had gone through so much since the infection. So much that it affected his personality. Before the infection this character used to be a happy, positive and a loving man. He always carried that kind smile. He was a hunter and had some experience with guns. He and his family lived in Chechnya but they moved to Chernarus becuase of the chechnyan war. He had 2 daughters and a beautiful wife. When the infection began he knew he had to change. Being too positive would get his familiy killed, that was his mindset. (1 and a half year later) During the infection one of his daughters and his wife got killed by the walkers as he went outside hunting deers. He came home where his daughter had her face completely disloacted and his wife laying there with her throat open. He went down on his knees looking up cying with his heart completely filled with sadness and sorrow. But a sound gave him hope. He still had one daughter. She was found hidden in a closet crying. Sadly, 3 weeks later his daugher became very sick and he had no idea what kind of desease it was or what caused it. So he was left helpless with his last family member dying in his arms. Today he is a lone wolf who is trying to survive. All of this caused mental issues, we dont know what this man can come up with.
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