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  1. Yeah I know, but some kind of people are playing with "broken" sentences... So I thought, it could be cool. Right then, I forgot about the Chrome- things. My bad!
  2. Yup. Totally agree! I did the same!
  3. Can't show Screens atm., but here you have some cool titles: 7 Days to die (it's like DayZ made a child with Minecraft; only for Alpha-Players yet.) Outlast (available on Steam for around $20) Infestation: Survivor Stories (further known as "War Z", it is like a bad clone of DayZ, available on Steam) Amnesia - The Dark Descent: What a freakshow of game! Scared the sh*t out of me...
  4. nacotic

    GTA 5 HYPE!!!

    I'm totally into this. I pre-ordered the Collectors Edition a few Months ago and cant wait to play it! I Bought a PS3 only for the GTA5 Release, but today, i bought the whole GTA- Series for PS3 just to skip the time until the 17th.
  5. Hi there, just came up with the idea, that this forum could be greater, if it would be translated in german, spanish or french . So, there would be more Ppl. to get into this and you'll get more donations and of course more attentions on your Mod. What do you guys think?