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  1. S1: BadRP,Underage 4/2/2017

    And also he said racist slurs.
  2. S1: BadRP,Underage 4/2/2017

    Hello, we were on are way to Novy, they did start to fight and my friend did not hit first. i told them to stop after he nocked him out again and my friend tied him up and i told him to back away from him i told him i wanted to talk to him, and then he tried to brake out i punched him ones in the to stop and he died to stop him from breaking out and he died* it says i hit him 4 times but i hit him ones maybe twice
  3. passphrase

    i have read it so many times still cant find it is no body aloud to tell me exactly where it is?
  4. passphrase

    ive read it twice and still cant find it
  5. passphrase

    how do i find the passphrase?