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  1. PoV: Tequan and I were rolling through Stary when we met the group of people that we would eventually get into conflict with. We were not nice to these people, as our characters rarely are. We spoke back and forth in a hostile-ish way but never initiated or threatened them beyond telling them to back off our shoes and such. They asked us if we were a man named Axel but both of us told them no and we left. We did in fact have a friend named Axel who usually rolls with us but was in a different town at the time. We unmuted our teamspeak and circled around to meet up with him in the hopes of helping him if they initiated on him. After a bit of sitting around in trees and watching over Axel and the group one of them splits up and sneaks up our hill. I run to help Axel in the town by getting a new position while Tequan keeps visual on the man coming up the hill. A bit of nonsense happens like Axel going AFK and such. Eventually everything gets sorted out and Tequan goes to initiate on the man on the hill. He does not comply and dies and then we get into a firefight with them. After a bit of shots, they retreat and hide while we begin to flank and chase. We eventually believe that they took shelter in the Kabaino church and we plan out an assault on it. Tequan and Axel gets banned while we plan out the siege and I run away to Zub and eventually log out. Points: First claim was that during the encounter with Tequan and the OP he was using racial slurs against the OP. There is a huge difference between using the word nigga as slang when playing an african american blood gang member which prominently uses slang words such as that constantly in dialogue and using the word nigger to insult either one or more parties based on race. You need to understand the difference as it's crucial in situations such as these. If you paid attention to our earlier encounter in Stary which I did not record you would hear Tequan call me his nigga and I play a clearly Caucasian male character. It's not a race thing, it never will be. Next on I want to point out that Axel has never and will never call anyone a nigger as you've pointed out. His character is not a racist nor is he a racist in real life. I cannot stress enough that both my friends that I roll with on a daily basis are not racists nor do we partake in insulting anyone based on race. On to the BadRP accusations, this is absurd. In the video you can clearly hear Tequan over teamspeak as he does not have a push-to-talk roleplaying with you. He's asking you your name, asking you your business and responding to anything you said. He is roleplaying with you, simply put. He goes from chatting with you to initiating on you, that's how most hostile encounters on this server turn out. On to the claims of us not giving you time to comply, you caused that yourself. You were killed in 4 seconds, do you know why? When we initiated on you, we said, "Put your hands up or you die" instead of complying you showed the fact that you had acknowledged our demand by trying to spin around and kill Tequan. He did not just shoot you within that time frame but reacted to you trying to kill him. It's not shown in the video because I was not close enough to see you at the time. It is blatantly obvious that was the case though. On the claims of us not chasing, it's blatant that we do in fact chase you guys and flank you but you all ran away probably to regroup or hide. It's in the video. On the claim that a guy ran up to your friend completely naked and looted him, that wasn't us. None of us died so any accusations of breaking the new life rule are out of the question and it was only us three in the situation on our side. On the claim of us all logging out, two of us received a ban and I logged out 30 minutes after the situation had ended. There is no combat logging in this situation as the logs show. You say "After my friends understanding about my death they have decided to start looking for me understanding after a while that i died, they decided to chase my killer. finding out that he has logged off the server." but that's very contradictory. You are stating that your friends began looking for Tequan after he got banned to kill him for killing you but if you look in the video and in the logs they immediately came to where you died and began opening fire without any way of knowing what had happened. This sentence in itself reinforces the claim that you told them after you died that you died and metagamed us. Specifically the "after a while" part is a blatant lie.
  2. Vassal

    Shifting the Team in New Directions

    I definitely agree that Loremasters are an important asset in this community and it seems to be a position overlooked a majority of the time. +1
  3. Vassal

    Teamspeak Descriptions

    Teamspeak permissions cannot be set so that you can only edit your own description. As Rolle mentioned, the system simply does not work like that. I think it would be a cool thing to implement if it was possible, sadly it is not.
  4. Moving was not a command that we gave, we told him to put his hands up. He did not comply and he was shot. That's as easy as I can put it. If someone holds you at gun point and you start running around and not complying, you will be killed whether or not you are told to stand still. The same problem persists, you were told to put your hands in the air. You were an immediate threat because you were an unknown entity that was given a command and you did not comply. You were in a position to have a chance at roleplaying if you would have just complied. You did not drop your weapon, you did not put your hands up and instead you started moving around which means you had your hand on your keyboard and could have easily taken the 1 second to press F2.
  5. Gerald Claymore's POV: Tequan Letron, Axel Griffin and myself were running around Vybor when Axel spotted a man killing a chicken. I quickly darted off and got into a position in case Axel was initiated on. When we realized who we were talking to and what they were wearing, I initiated on them. What I said was something along the lines of, "EVERYONE PUT YOUR HANDS UP RIGHT NOW, PUT YOUR HANDS UP NOW... PUT YOUR HANDS UP OR YOU WILL BE KILLED." I repeated myself at least 3 times within a decent time frame before one of them was gunned down by someone else in our group. After Tequan started talking to "Mr. Night" he was escorted into a nearby building by Axel. I came out of my position and started babysitting the hostage and talking to him while Tequan and Axel scanned the perimeter. After a minute or so Tequan came in and took over the interrogation while Axel and I watched the entrances for Felix's backup. After Tequan roughed him up a bit and questioned him about his color's and supplied him with new more fitting clothes, I escorted him out the back door and told him to walk away and then break free out of his cuffs. Axel and I ran around the front door and watched him for a bit so no zombies would get him while he was cuffed up.
  6. Gerald Claymore - POV I was running with Tequan, Edgar and William for pretty much the whole night up until this altercation. I was present for when they met this group but separated when they were in a a conversation with each other. I went to the church nearby and roleplayed out some character development stuff on my own when William was initiated on. I have no information regarding anything that happened to William or anyone around that time besides some OOC teamspeak chatter.
  7. Vassal

    Sanctuary [Active] [Recruiting]

    I cannot comply with these demands. If I do not rob for weapon, what is point? -snip- On the real, looking good! I hope to meet your group in-game.
  8. Vassal

    S3: RDM between Kabanino and Stary - 07/14/2016 23:25

    My PoV(James Cole): The Kingdom had held up my colleague, Keyan James, in the town of Kab. Once he was initiated on and I heard him screaming in the town, I quickly opened fire on the people pointing guns on him and I managed to hit one as the logs show, I never completely revealed myself to be carrying a weapon or to be the person who shot as after I shot from a tree line, I hid and never made myself visible. I doubt anyone saw me as I hid in a building right next to where I shot from and not a single one of them came near me. I believe me being the shooter was pure speculation giving Keyan was being robbed. After a couple minutes of hiding, Keyan radios in and tells us that he was let go and to not open fire on any members of the kingdom as everything was settled. After a bit of running around in the tree line, I decided to meet up with Keyan as I saw him in a field between Kab and Stary. I walked up to Keyan and two other gentlemen who he was having a conversation with and joined in. I had my weapon in my backpack at the time and was acting completely docile. I started to point towards Kab as one of them asked what exactly was happening and I was explaining that I heard gunshots in the town. At the exact same time as I go to point a man walks up on us and just opens fire to my side killing both Keyan and I.
  9. This reminds me of a group I had several years back on the mod (Zombie Neutralization Unit.) We wore gas masks and went around killing zombies and setting up roadblocks for the purpose of informing people of large hordes in the area. It was a fun time. Best of luck with this.
  10. Hey, just wanted to point out that it's been ages since I've gotten any real sleep so any grammatical errors or spelling errors in my point of view are expected. Also want to add that it was server four and not server three this happened on. PoV: Johann and I (James Cole) just arrived at the tent side of the airfield when I decided to run up by myself while Johann provided over-watch in the off chance someone tried to prove their brawn. I ran in on what was described to me as a friendly meeting between groups. I wasn't sure exactly who was in which group but the main two guys I spoke towards were Dimitri Chenkov and Viktor (Didn't grab his last name.) I'm not sure who the other people were but I know that at the very least a few of them were members of Lost Souls. After a bit of general conversation that had no real relevance we decided to exit via an alternative path to which we came in. We were approached by a man in a gas mask who as far as I can remember never introduced himself. He asked us about some slavers we had mentioned earlier in conversation and then walked away after getting information. Once we started exiting and said our goodbyes we blew up. I originally thought it was a landmine but with further digging it's almost %100 a grenade that killed us.
  11. Vassal

    The Gorka Times - [WIP] - Hiring!

    Besides the lack of formatting, grammatical errors and overall spelling issues, this thread is okay. Good job, Keyan.
  12. Vassal

    [GAME] Rate the person above's Forum Title

    If you are being bullied seek help before it's too late. Please call 1 800 Rate 10/10
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