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  1. I think it will come out to PC but it's probably going to take awhile after the official release to do that. But that is my opinion, i just think it is a big mistake not to bring it out on PC.
  2. Oh so your saying they allow custom faces that you can download in the server?
  3. I have watched people on YouTube with gas masks on, but when i look on the list no character has a gas mask. I noticed there was a yellow icon and it said that you could customize the ones that have this sign, will that give me the ability to apply a gas mask to the characters face?
  4. alright man thanks for all the suggestions
  5. yes i have but are they talking about normal Arma or dayzRP because i think it might be different because it has patched successfully on my normal Arma 2 and i can play on servers that are on that patch, it's just dayzRP that wont let me play on servers of that patch because i apparently don't have the right patch.
  6. My dayzRP is the thing with the wrong patch version, the normal game itself has the right patch version, so it must have something to do with dayzRP i guess.
  7. I deleted the beta folder and did the patch again and i got the same message "wrong CD key" but the beta file came back into my Arma folder so i think it is working but for some reason it messes up with dayzRP and has it a version lower.
  8. I have tried all of that dayz commander stuff and i used the file there as well both normal and as administrator but still the same thing just wrong CD key. I have never had this problem before when updating my game but I'm not sure if it is just affecting my dayzRP or the game as a whole but i have never had trouble playing on servers.
  9. I'm stuck on patch 103419 even though it has said it has patched but still gives me the wrong CD key pop-up it still has down the bottom right the old patch and wont let me join the dayzRP servers, I'm pretty sure this is only on dayzRP and not on my regular Arma 2 OA.
  10. In my normal Arma 2 game i have the right update but in dayzRP it says I'm one update behind and when i go to update it says wrong CD key when i try both dayz commander and the file provided in the post for downloads. Any help would be appreciated.
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