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  1. Roby's Graffic Workshop

    After Effects has more talent then me, xd.
  2. Roby's Graffic Workshop

  3. Roby's Graffic Workshop

  4. The Misfits

    If you're a girl i dont mind it, if ur a boy then i'm not gay, move on.
  5. The Misfits

    I literally love being hated, that means they are scared.
  6. My life's a lie [Open FREQ]

    *Robert listened carefully to everything and pissed off joins the conversation, he picks the radio and press the PTT button* "We are shadows, watch your back, and prey that i wont be the one skinning you." *Heavy breathing in the radio's microphone, and then release the PTT button*
  7. Roby's Graffic Workshop

  8. Roby's Graffic Workshop

    Twitch live with music and some h1z1. https://twitch.tv/justr0by
  9. New Premium model

    Well, before the subscriptions being a HoF, or a Tycoon was meaning you care and you show your support towords the community giving them 100-200 euros once.
  10. Roby's Graffic Workshop

    Me too, .
  11. New Premium model

    There will be more HoF'ers but that doesen't mean it means nothing xd.
  12. I guess, HI ?!

    Hey Thanks. Can't wait neither my friend. Thanks for the warm welcome. Thanks, sure anytime. Thanks,
  13. New Premium model

    It's nice, i rather pay 10E/month, then all 100E once, nice one .