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  1. After Effects has more talent then me, xd.
  2. If you're a girl i dont mind it, if ur a boy then i'm not gay, move on.
  3. I literally love being hated, that means they are scared.
  4. Robert Johanson

    My life's a lie [Open FREQ]

    *Robert listened carefully to everything and pissed off joins the conversation, he picks the radio and press the PTT button* "We are shadows, watch your back, and prey that i wont be the one skinning you." *Heavy breathing in the radio's microphone, and then release the PTT button*
  5. Twitch live with music and some h1z1. https://twitch.tv/justr0by
  6. Robert Johanson

    New Premium model

    Well, before the subscriptions being a HoF, or a Tycoon was meaning you care and you show your support towords the community giving them 100-200 euros once.
  7. Robert Johanson

    New Premium model

    There will be more HoF'ers but that doesen't mean it means nothing xd.
  8. Hey Thanks. Can't wait neither my friend. Thanks for the warm welcome. Thanks, sure anytime. Thanks,
  9. Robert Johanson

    New Premium model

    It's nice, i rather pay 10E/month, then all 100E once, nice one .