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  1. *pushed the button* "Some history with somebody of my caliber? That does sound interesting. I wonder if you refer to my former job or to where I am from. Anyhow, I value your opinion, therefore no offense taken. As I said, I'm gonna travel the land a bit. Checking out those settlement radio calls that went around the last yew hours and days. With any luck, I'll be running into some decent people." *stops sending, and climbs down the deer stand, a quick look on his compass tells him the direction he needs to travel next*
  2. *sits in a deer stand east of Lopatino, enters Franks private frequency and pushes the button on his radio* "Frank can you hear me? It's Robert. How are you doing? Quick update about my whereabouts. I found the traders just a day or two before they burned down their place. You might be happy to hear that I've found an SKS rifle with some bullets. Now I can practise shooting with it. Oh did you hear about that Camp Endeavour? I'm contemplating to give it a look. On the map, that I found the other day, it looks like a good walk from Lopatino." *puts the radio down for a moment and looks through his binoculars, but the movement he noticed was just another walking infected, he pushes the transmit button again* "Anyhow, I think I remember you told me about some other German friends you have, or know, or something like it? I was wondering if you'd be able to introduce me to a few of your friends. Thus far I've really only run into those undead infected or people near the traders place. Perhaps if I get to know a few people my chances of survival would improve." *stops sending, and waits for a reply while scanning the treeline and fields*
  3. 24.01.2016 - Day 11 I've been circling Lopatino today and had to shoot a few of the infected near some industrial buildings. I reached some trees to hide behind when more of them arrived and started to walking around where I fired my shotgun. How much intelligence is left in them, I wonder. Maybe one of those smart Doctors knows more about it. The most interesting encounter today happened while I ate my lunch. It was not much, some rice with soda and tuna. There suddenly was a noise I'd not heard for years. It was a helicopter. It went over my head and disappeared behind a hill. Then there was a loud explosion and a smoke trail rose in the distance. I finished up my lunch and went looking for that helicopter. It was a longer walk than I expected. I think it didn't help that I tried to avoid all those walking infected. When I found the helicopter it was a burning wreck sitting in the middle of a field. No sign of any of survivors. I spotted a deer stand nearby, and that is where I am now. Watching the sunset and looking down at Llopatino. Audio - Part 9 <- will be added later A small pencil drawing can be found on the page:
  4. 23.01.2016 - Day 10 Yesterday my radio picked up a message from the Traders. It appears I've been lucky yet again, for there must have been a big incident down there at the coast. Anyhow, Lyaria the Lady who runs the Green Mountain Trading Company announced over the radio that the traders are closing down. All trade being disbanded and they were no longer open to all. Reception up here is not the best. I'm somewhere west of a village called Lopatino. It must be 8 or more kilometers from here to the coast. Ah, the radio message didn't stop there. I caught something about people who tried to destroy her group from within and without. I think she's out for blood, and I'm glad I'm not standing in her way. She apparently burned down the entire place and all the supplies. I now wonder how Ivan is doing, and if this Valentine woman is alright too. A shame their rebuilding effort did not succeed. I made out a small smoke trail to the south. Now it could have been the Traders camp burning or just somebodies campfire. It is hard to judge for me. But the timing was too perfect, it must have been their fire. [ http://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/81135-a-message-to-all-from-gmtc-open ] The radio has not been quiet ever since. There are many calls going around, people blaming people, showing help or hate towards those traders. I turned the radio off. All those zombies around me did not need to be alerted to my presence by a squawking radio. I've been traveling the land for the last few days. My way brought me north, away from the coast and up into unknown territory. But I've not seen other survivers. I will try to contact Frank in a day or two, just to check in on his well-being, and to tell him to check on my zucchini. Audio - Part 8 <- will be added later
  5. 20.01.2016 - Day 7 Has it really been a week? The constant running, sleeping in different places each night, being on a constant lookout for wolfs is bringing me nightmares each night. Today I finally met Frank again. We met in an old petrol station. He taught me how to fire a rifle. It was a Mosin, and it was loud as hell. On the other hand, my shotgun isn't the quite weapon either. He told me a few things about staying away from bigger groups, to be careful when approaching other people and the like. Ah yes, he also told me where those traders have gone to. Needless to say, I investigated that later. When we departed, he gave me his radio frequency. I have it memorized and burned the paper. Later on that day I planted some zucchini. If all goes well I can harvest them in a few days. So I went down back to the coast where the traders had moved to. At nightfall I found them, and it was the same complex I've been to a few days before. Damn me and my luck. Here I thought I ran into a bad complex when in reality it was the traders camp. Again, many people were there. I wanted to trade, but the vendor took a long time with somebody else before. Then comes in a lady, claims this is her place, and she starts trading with me. I show her what I have, she tells me she goes looking for what I need. There were so many people there, and shots being fired again. I gathered they moved to the coast because it was much safer. Apparently not so? For a few minutes the guards let me wait for my trade, and then they kicked me out. Telling me their boss was on the radio and had ordered all strangers to be thrown out. Great trading place, really! I did meet a lady by the name of Valentine, she started to flirt with me. No of course not, she told me her questions were not flirt related at all. I believe her, because why shouldn't I? She and another guard talked to me about my hard hat, telling me it would not be a good idea to keep it. As it can be seen from a far distance, and that I'd been lucky to haven't run into bandits yet because of it. I'm always up for friendly advice. When looking for some fishing hooks later I found a fishing rod and some hooks, and also a hat that makes me look more like a hunter or outdoors person then my hard hat did. I guess I'm less noticeable between bushes and trees now. On my way back from the coast I found what looked like a military complex. Seeing nobody there I approached and in one of the guard houses, I found a revolver. Funny how luck goes. I tried a few of the bullets I had in my pockets and some of them fit right into the revolver. Now I have a small firearm. That should make hunting easier. While roaming the complex, staying away from the undead, I ran into 2 people. I told them about the traders, as they were interested in what news I could give them. We parted and went different ways. [OOC: I had 4 memory leak errors that kicked me out of the game, so the encounter could not be concluded in a good RP style ] I found another rifle in one of the deer stands, it looks as if it takes 2 bullets at a time and has no magazine or something. If I could now find the right bullets, I may be able to drop the shotgun as I only have 6 shots for it. Sitting in a few trees, overlooking that town were I met Frank earlier, enjoying the sunset. I took out some of those supplies I wanted to trade. Amongst them, a spray can. I sprayed that rifle black and managed to fix a scope onto it. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to hunt with it one day. Tomorrow I'll make an attempt to find bullets, and I need to check on my plants. With a compass that I found on my travel and having seen a bit of the land by now, I think I start to be able to navigate the land. Ps. Those traders really need to straighten out their service. Perhaps have only 1 person allowed into a smaller building for an 1 on 1 trade, without others screaming, yelling and talking from each side. Also those armbands don't help, as purple and yellow and others mix and mingle. I guess it could also just be me, not knowing who is who yet. Still, their chaotic way of handling their trading will not make for a good business plan. For now, I'll forgo trading plans and toss things that they might need, but I have no use for into the next treeline. Audio - Part 7
  6. *presses the button* "On my way, give me... a few moments." *releases the button*
  7. *looks through his binoculars into the town* "Yes, I know that place. I can see it already. I'm sure you remember how I look, it is still the same, including my workplace hard hat." *releases the button and puts the radio down again*
  8. *takes a deep breath to calm his nerves, then pushes the button to answer* "Thank you, I will do that... but just one quick question. Where is this Vybor? Can you give me a general direction? I'm near where we met first." *releases the button and puts the radio down again*
  9. *sits in a deer stand near Green Mountain and pushes the button on his new radio* "Frank, Frank ... this is Robert. We met a few days ago at a campfire... you told me the name of this country. I hope you can remember me? Can you hear me at all? I'd need a few pointers, and think you might be the best to give them. Can we meet again at the place where we first met?" *puts the radio down, looks around and waits for a reply*
  10. 19.01.2017 - Day 6 I'm back at a deer stand near the traders camp, or rather where the traders used to have their camp. More about that in a few lines. I made it down to those apartment buildings. Dead bodies, rotten corpses, rubble and broken down cars. I found nothing but dust. Hours later, I moved through a massive Bus Terminal. Other than a few random pieces of clothing not much was salvageable there. I did manage to find a chicken, it was already wounded and I killed it with a long branch I found earlier. What should I say, I'm a natural talented survivor, and managed to get a few slices of chicken meat. The coast was nearby, I was able to hear the waves break on the beach. When you live years of your life on an oil rig, you know how the sea sounds like. I ran westward along the beach for a while. Then I found some fishing boats. No hook, but I found some netting. Maybe I can trade it for some useful item later. I kept running, crossed a swamp area, found nothing but a few shacks filled with those rifles that the traders at Green Mountain called rubbish. I didn't bother to pick them up. In the distance, I saw what looked like a small industrial complex. On the lookout for fishing boats, I was keeping close to the seaside. I stopped near a bush to let some of the water out of my shoes. That's when I heared gunshots from the other side of the wall, followed by some rough voices. One sounded Russian or something similar to it. I froze, perhaps that was the right thing to do. I observed for a while. When I noticed somebody run only a few meters in front of me from the buildings to a small house on a pier. Whoever it was, he ran a few times. More gunshots, more voices. Just when I wanted to leave another person walks out, gun in hand and started to patrol the area. I knew, if I move, he would shoot me. Why? Well, because by then I had been sitting in that bush for a minutes. No way would they believe me when I claimed to have arrived just that moment. Many minutes later, when I was sure he was focused on something in the distance I backed up and around a corner. Once out of sight I slowly tried to get away. Needless to say that after more gunshots I nearly pissed myself and crawled on my belly away from the wall, trying to get to that swamp grass. I crawled right through what looked and felt like a patch of planted crops. I hope I didn't ruin their tomato plants. I just ran, I ran until my legs gave and I had to take a rest. During my mad dash through the swamp, I got all my clothing completely soaked! I decided to find a good fireplace. Far away from that complex I found, ready to collect wood, shivering from the wet clothing, gunshots. They sounded close and I hit the ground. Shivering, getting colder, I decided to run. After minutes, getting warmer, I came to place I had been running through a day or two earlier. I was able to locate the big antenna of Green Mountain and ran towards it. I had found items to trade, and I wanted nothing more than a warm fireplace in a friendly environment. As I was getting closer I spotted a group of cows. Amazed to see them, I approached them. I've never seen an animal run that fast. One cow had gotten stuck in a water pond. What a pity sight to behold. The others ran towards the village. I decided to not walk up the trading camp yet. There was still the matter of me being able to make a campfire by myself. I walked back to the deer stand and managed to prepare my first self-build campfire. Remember the chicken meat I had in my pockets? After I lit up the fire, I tossed the slices right in. Needless to say that they burned and were not eatable at all! Live was so much easier on the Oil Rig. Needed to cook something? Toss it into a cooking pot and use some of the oil to make a fire in that old oven and then put the pot right on it. Next time, I'll use that "Food on a Stick" method I saw others do a few days back when I first met Frank. After I had dried up I walked back to the traders camp. Nobody was there! All tents had been packed, all signs of a trade hub had been removed. Some zombies had moved in. Where did they go? I walked my way back and ran into 2 people. They told me about a hoard of cows running blindly into the village they were just looting. I was unable to not smile, as it was me that had sent cows their way. Jonah I believe on of them was called, asked me about the traders camp and if they had already moved. So we walked back to the former camp. He told me a bit about him and showed me an FR that had been carved into his head. He claimed it meant he's a slave or something like it. A group of mad men had it placed on him when they caught him. They even nearly made him eat human flesh! I did hear some warnings about cannibals. I need to be more careful! There are 2 questions in my head: Where did the traders go to, and should I try to contact Frank over the radio? Audio File - Part 6 A small pencil drawing can be found on the page:
  11. 18.01.2017 - Day 5 I can enjoy the sunrise yet once again, because I'm still alive. I left the traders camp yesterday. Trying to retrace the route that took me to Green Mountain. Somewhere I must have made a mistake. Perhaps it was a lucky mistake, but I'll find out tomorrow. For now I'm looking down on what appears to be appartment buildings. I will draw a small scatch of them after I finish my notes for today. Have I seen other survivors? Yes, but only at or near the traders camp. On my way here I saw nobody. I did hear gunshots, but they were far away. Nothing much to see besides walking infected. I belive I did not mention that the other day at the camp, some people came in proclaiming to open up a brothel near that big antenna? Good luck on that. What are my next steps? Since I've decided to move around to get to know the area better, I might as well keep my eyes open for a good fishing spot. With a rope that I found a few hours ago, I managed to build a simple fishing pole! I realy hope those fish here are dummer then their cousins at sea. However, before I can think about catching any fish. I'll need to find a hook first. All the more important for me to get back to the seashore. I saw some fishing boats there when I first arrived. PS. I've found a can of beans. They tasted okay, and I ate them all. Audio File - Part 5 A small pencil drawing can be found on the page:
  12. I must have uploaded them after you listened to them A good thing you've not done it yet. I fixed some details about me meeting Frank in Part 3. Thanks for the compliment about my voice, I can only give the same back to you. And yes, I'll work on getting more out. Need to find more time to play, as of course I base my notes on actual in-game events.
  13. 16.01.2017 - Day 3 Where do I begin? I spent the better part of the day sitting around in that green mountain trading camp. Amazing how much can be learned by just listening to people. I learned that 556 bullets are worth a lot. The economy they have here is simple and yet complex. On the one hand, I've been told that the trade is most often 1 for 1. You bring 1 item that's needed, like ammo boxes, food, medical supplies, weapons, and you get 1 item in return. Certain things like military weapons and items like that might bring you more. That is what I mean with complex. How does one know what another wants badly, or what he has? While I certainly will be able to find out values over time, there is one thing that puzzles me greatly. They all survive, some want to rebuild, but yet only a few people knew what the term "civil engineer" means. For better or worse, those survivors know how to use guns, how to hunt animals. I fear they will never be able to rebuild entire towns, let alone the world. There was a Doctor dropping in. Her name was Doctor Hope. I thought surely a Doctor knows what an engineer is. She compared me to a plumber! When I corrected her, she called me an architect. COME on people, really? We all know that most architects just draw pretty pictures, and leave it to us engineers to find a way to make it a happen. Granted I don't know where she's from, and maybe in her country architects do engineering work. I doubt that. This now leaves me with a problem. Neither the Trading people nor that Doctor needed an engineer in their group. I have the feeling all they are looking for in people is the ability to use a gun. Including how to most effectively kill infected, or even worse other people. Some of the people I listened to know each other for months, or even years. Maybe I should have made it to the mainland earlier? But then, perhaps I would have ended up like most people here: gun loving and eager to shoot. While I'm on the topic of shooting. There were a lot of gunshots being fired over the course of the last hours. This place does attract a lot of attention. And since they will not need my knowledge, I will have to move on. Perhaps I find someone out there that needs a person with knowledge on how to keep things running. My next goals are: Travel the land, stay away from other people unless I see on their actions that they can be trusted. Learn more about guns and how the function. I'll need that knowledge if I want to become better with trading and using those weapons. Finding a library might be a good start. Or I go back to that military camp I passed on my way here, and see if some of their instruction material are still around. And when I'm there, I may as well pick up some of that 556 Ammo. PS. I got a replacement Radio and a better backpack. I hope to meet Frankie again, he would be a good teacher on how to survive in the wild. Audio File - Part 4
  14. 15.01.2017 - Day 2 This was an interesting day. I made it to those buildings and found a shovel. And then, right after I picked it up, one of the infected chased me away and deeper into the forest. Somehow I was not fast enough and she caught up. I used that shovel on her, it... it used to be a female, well that ended the chase. The broadcast from this green mountain trader place got stronger. I knew I was on the right path. During noon time my stomach growled so loud, I was afraid any nearby undead would hear it. Lucky me, I found a huge apple tree orchard near another small town. I snuck into it and found 1 apple. After I ate it and looked around, I could not believe my eyes! There were almost 2 dozen apples laying on the ground. The wind must have knocked them from the trees. Note: I shall never eat so many apples at once again. I had to use the trees often in the afternoon, and my stomach felt way too stuffed. Late afternoon, I finally spotted a huge antenna. Sure this must be the place I approached. When I was almost to the top of this hill I heard gunshots. I hit the forest floor as fast as I could and looked around. That's when I saw it, some wooden buildings and tents. Through my binoculars, I made out living humans. That's when I was caught. Some guard or something spoke to me, telling me that he had spotted me and assured me that those gunshots were other guards killing infected that had wandered into, or to close to the camp. None of the trading people were around, and I sat down with a few men around a campfire. I learned one important information, and I did not really want to learn that. This place I ended up, it's not Takistan at all. I mean, yes I already found it odd that there was so much green, so many forests around, but then why not? Well, I ended up in Chernarus! The last place I wanted to be, the place we had been warned not to go to. I blame it on the sea's current. It must have changed my curse. I talked to a British young man by the name of Frankie, or was it Frank? He's some sort of hunter or something like it. Maybe he can teach me more about survival? I wonder how he came to get an eye-patch, And then, there were the guards. One of them, I think his name was Ivan. I remember him telling me that he's from New Zealand but moved here many years ago. He showed me how to make a fire. A fire by just using sticks and tree bark. He warned me that in the bigger towns and cities, where matches could be found, there also not so nice people could be found. As the day is ending, I'm sitting in a hunting stand again, looking down at the camp, and hope that tomorrow I may be able to barter with the traders, and also learn more about this place I've ended up in. I need a map, and I need a working radio. I also learned today that bullets will be a good trading item. People use them a lot. Also if I see a wolf, I better start going the other way. Audio File - Part 3 A small pencil drawing can be found on the page:
  15. A small pencil drawing can be found on the page: