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  1. James Sullivan, HM2 (FMF) James was born in Thousand Oaks, California in 1996. He was knew that his calling would be to save lives and serve his country. He enlisted in the United States Navy before he had even finished High School at the age of 17 through the Delayed Entry Process (DEP) to help get a fast track on his military career. James had chosen the MOS code of HM-8404, Hospital Corpsman. Here he'd be able to save the lives of his friends and allies dedicating his life in service of helping others. James was originally stationed at MCB Camp Pendelton with the 1st Marine Regiment in the Battalion Aid Station (BAS) for 1st Battalion, 1st Marines (1/1), But James had a bad relationship with the Company Corpsman who would proceed to give James NJP's for the slightest slip ups. Eventually his SNCOIC was able get someone high enough up his COC to get a administrative transfer where he was the stationed with the Battalion Aid Station, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines (3/1). He was stationed with India company in a rifle platoon where he'd now be deployed into combat environments. What was unforeseen was that James thrived in (3/1) where he'd received two meritorious promotions to Hospital Corpsman Second Class, HM2 (E-5) & his FMFEWS device, and would eventually spend three years with the thundering third. Eventually (3/1) would be deployed along with the rest of the I MEF in July to Chernarus to help with the recent crisis. (3/1) Arrived in Elektrozavodsk on the 17th to Reinforce the CDF in the area. James first encountered the infected within a few hours of their arrival, when he had seen the infected he knew it was something he couldn't win against. He knew it was wrong but early in the morning of the 18th he packed a ruck and set out he knew that staying would mean certain death. It didn't take long for the allied forces in the area to fall, eventually the entire country would fall too. James had a strong suspicion that the rest of the world probably infected as well, he was always a practical thinker and would do whatever a situation required to survive, but deep down his goal is to return home no matter how dangerous it may be, he longs to return to his home country and see his family again.
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