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  1. Thanks I re made it after reading another post. thanks guys
  2. Was once a fisherman from Nova Scotia, Moved to old Russia for a job opportunity, yet did he know everything went south very quickly.. he was told about a arms dealer in Western Russia that he had contact with on a fishing boat he had met off the coast of Newfoundland the man and myself talked for days about making better money, so Dom went to Russia looking for this man, but when dom got to Russia everything that was talked about seemed to be false.. strange people started showing up out of nowhere asking strange questions. Dom nearly got kidnapped more then half a dozen times. but his smarts and fancy talking skills kept him out of trouble. Untill one day he started seeing more and more strange looking people.. but with closer view these people wernt "people" they were almost unhuman like.. Dom met this man by the name of Kris. Kris was a nice man dom and Kris found them selves searching around for resources and they have ran out of what they had. Kris got attacked by one of these un human like beats.. the affects were nearly instant.. once dom seen this he then realized that these were not human... they were ...zombies...
  3. Got this error after playing for 10 minutes. No active or alive character . I haven't played in over a year. and just got back on.
  4. I unfortunately did not have my OBS running, I can tell you though that all is true. He went on about how we can do anything we wish to him. I was attempting to talk to him and was for a few minutes about what iam going to do to him ( i figured he was being a smart A** and ignoring my threats so i proceeded). After all this happened my group members told me that they didn't hear me talking. For the past 3 days my in game voice crashed and no one can hear me until i reset the game. I did make a few texts in game to him about licking my knife and that he should have learned the first time. So iam confused why under chat logs there are none? when i certainly was talking to him in chat. Also in his video you can hear us saying "are we going to kill him" after asking about a vote. In the background you can hear some one say Yeah. I agreed but unfortunately my voice chat was not working and i went forth with our vote.
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