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  2. I unfortunately did not have my OBS running, I can tell you though that all is true. He went on about how we can do anything we wish to him. I was attempting to talk to him and was for a few minutes about what iam going to do to him ( i figured he was being a smart A** and ignoring my threats so i proceeded). After all this happened my group members told me that they didn't hear me talking. For the past 3 days my in game voice crashed and no one can hear me until i reset the game. I did make a few texts in game to him about licking my knife and that he should have learned the first time. So iam confused why under chat logs there are none? when i certainly was talking to him in chat. Also in his video you can hear us saying "are we going to kill him" after asking about a vote. In the background you can hear some one say Yeah. I agreed but unfortunately my voice chat was not working and i went forth with our vote.