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  1. Volunteering in a Humanitarian NGO, Johnny found himself dispatched to Chernarus under the assumption he would be operating outside of a clinic for civilians in capable of leaving the country in light of the on-going disaster. A helicopter crash would only be the beginning of his venture into the country, as well as marking a new chapter in his life where his vehement predispostionion for selflessness would finally have to come to an end for the sake of his own survival. Service to others now took a backseat to finding the bare necessities to survival, and even upon meeting his basic needs he found himself hard-pressed to bring himself to aid those around him. But now, with his supplies in a constant state of flux, Johnny sets out in an effort to live up to his duty in the region, even after his employer's failure. Predominantly focusing on medical supplies, Johnny frequents the coastline in search of other forlorn souls arriving in the region. All the while Johnny has been spotted with either minimal means of defending himself, or none at all... at his own peril.