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"I failed my way to success. -Thomas Edison"

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  1. CalRP


    Frank Sinatra or Michael Bublé?

    1. Roman


      Hows that even a question?

      Frank Sinatra is king.

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      The fuck, Sinatra! 

  2. CalRP

    The Time. [GOTY 2019]

    @NozzyRP hello sir
  3. My name is Luca Russo, I was a Caporegime for the Italian Mafia located in New York City, under the Maranzano Family. During my time in the Mafia, I had to do countless things - some I ain’t so proud of, but for the most part, I don’t regret - It made me who I am today. Early Years I was born in Sicily in 1969, I grew up there until I was four, then my pa wanted to go to the big city of New York, to find some better opportunities for work. We went over by boat, huge thing, probably carried over three thousand people, took us about five days to dock in New York Harbor. The only thing I really remember about first coming to U.S.A was seeing the huge Statue of Liberty. Y’see, I was a pretty ruthless motha fucker growing up - always got in fights, never was no good in school, that's if I went to school (Which I very rarely did) - and was selling candy for double the price on the streets. Now, I’ve heard over the years, that kids growing up like me, had no real good house life - parents always fightin’, no money, unhealthy.. But that wasn’t my life - I had a real nice ma, always lovin’ and caring for me and my brothers. Anyways, one cold December day, pretty close to Christmas, I was about.. Fifteen. I had this guy come up to me, dressed real nice, real proper guy. He kinda took me under his wing, showed me the life of a real wise guy - the ones you see in movies. That’s all I saw for about four years, before I started gradually doing worse things for em. Mid Life I was about twenty, when I was asked if I wanted to tag along on a ride, they was going to meet a big guy, name of Wild Bill. Apparently he needed his payment after his previous job. Now, I know what the job was, and it ain’t washing dishes, I can tell you that much. So, we meet up with Wild Bill, and he collects his payment. Before I know it, a bunch of cars come storming in, and start shooting up the place. This was my first encounter with the Maranzano Family. Skip by a few years, don’t I know it, I am in with em, I’m a made man, working my way up the ranks of the Maranzano Family - quickly earning respect. The one job, that made my life, was of a local businessman, he owned a local butchers shop right near our bar - nice enough guy, I think his name was Jimmy or somethin’ like that. So anyways, we were loaning him a few thousand every week, and he wasn’t paying back a dime.. Keep in mind, this went on for about four months. Me and a few others went into his shop, to try and knock some sense into him - turns out, he liked to fight. He started fighting back, and eventually grabbed a butchers knife like thing, and came at me.. Gladly, I had a guy right next to me, that hit him over the head, knocked him out. We put him in the back of our car, and drove out to the woods, probably about a three hour drive, meanwhile, this dickhead in the back is kicking, and screaming for mercy while we was driving. We finally get to the woods, nice clearing, beautiful sun beams, could definitely see myself building a cabin out there. Where was I? Right. We get to the woods, and drag him out into the middle of the clearing, and continue to knock him up, countless times I buried my knuckles into his teeth. I finally thought he had enough, and decided to put him out, grabbed a bat, and whacked him. Told the guys to get rid of him, still to this day, I don’t know where he is. Arriving in Chernarus 2010, I had removed myself from the Mafia, which placed a massive target on my head, I took an oath, and if we break the oath, it ends in death. So I had to get away from the states, I came to a Civil War torn country, and knew it was the perfect place to lay low. Skip by a few years, don’t I know it - the world fuckin’ ends, and I am stuck in this shit hole of a fuckin’ country, when I could have been dead years ago, in the States.
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    Hello CalRP

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    Hello friend

  6. CalRP

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Awesome fun RPing with you fine lot, excited for the future
  7. CalRP

    Sleeping bags

    Sounds pretty neat, i'd suggest creating a pole so people can vote Helps the developers out.
  8. CalRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @cjackson821 @R0gu3y @ScottRowan Enjoyed the RP today, great to meet you fellas. Looking forward to what the future brings
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    Hi Alex Tayno 

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      Hello Western.

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    Hi Falk

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      Hi CalRP

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    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    Is it time to rearm with the boys? Congrats on approval gents.
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    Happy birthday 

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      Thanks Mr. Falk

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    Happy birthday to me 🤘🏼

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      🎈🎉Happy Birthday! Hope it's a good one!🎉🎈

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      Happy birthday bro

  14. My name is Jordan Namarez, I once was a shy young man, trying to find himself in the world. That is, until I joined up with the United States Army as a Military Police officer, that is where I truly found myself. Being sent to all parts of the world in US embassies, some of them were more luxurious than others. UK probably my favorite. When I first found out about the Legion Corp’, I was skeptical at first, but soon came to know a few of the members. Around 2012, I joined with the Corporation, meeting more and more members as before. Once the outbreak began, we were sent to South Zagoria, on a “For Hire” mission. The secondary mission being, tracking down and securing WOMD’s, across South Zagoria. This is where my real story, begins.
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    Hope you doing well homie, missing you out here

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      I'll come back soon bb ❤️ Busy w work

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