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  2. Are you suggesting a prefab of a hangout spot? If so, I'd vote no, I think those should be organically brought to life through RP and not just placed out of nowhere. Either way, I'd suggest adding a simple "Yes" or "No" poll to this suggestion, following the guidelines located here.
  3. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from firing a warning shot, maybe not at them, but in the air or whatever. The chances of them sticking around after hearing a shot ring out, while breaking into a house, are slim to none.
  4. I don't think anyone would expect people to sit around for 12 hours and trade - but what I would expect is more RP to be had. Set up a store in a town and create a shop to buy and sell things, have a group of people that go out hunting or scavenging for food, or more items to sell/trade, maybe have a few guards if some unwanted attention starts coming around. The part where you say if they are impartial or unable to be robbed is far from what this server needs. WE need drama, hostilities and accusations. If the store or trader gets robbed, people are gonna have to deal with that - maybe some will help get the stuff back for goods in return. Every scenario drives up RP. Thank you for your opinion on the suggestion though, I 100% see your point.
  5. Hello DayZRP Community, I've noticed a lot of people recently saying how they just do not like the traders - I'm fairly confident that the main reason is that the AI traders seem to make it more like a game within a game, and not enhancing the RP whatsoever, more times, it is decreasing the quality of RP that I have encountered. I have not played in a while, since the second day of traders being around, so situations could have changed, but from what I witnessed, the RP that I encountered was slim to none at the Civilian one. My suggestion, is to get rid of the AI traders, because it decreases the amount of quality RP - and replace it with player run traders.. Not necessarily a group, but something that is organically brought into life - and I assure (to the best of my abilities) that the quality and quantity of RP will skyrocket. Let me know whatcha think!
  6. Would be cool, I think you should add a poll to this to see what the community thinks.
  7. I’ll only report a rule break if it’s a blatant one and the person should know better. if it’s someone obviously new, or hasn’t returned in a long time, I’ll either let it slide or pull them aside and chat about how to fix said problem. I personally think reporting people for BadRP is a very iffy subject - some people may be having a bad day IRL and can’t focus, or like stated, they may be new and getting the grip of things - everyone here was new to this once. Trolling is another matter which I think should be reported at any given time. Use your judgment, Staff have real lives too - some reports I see are things that could be solved without one, or with a staff mediator through discord.
  8. Anyone here watch baseball?

    if so, would anyone be down for a World Series watch party?

  9. CalRP

    Trader issue

    Been seeing that some items can be bought but not sold. not sure if it is actually a bug or if it is a set thing. sorry I didn’t really answer you’re question, just wanted to make sure you know you’re not experiencing something only on your end.
  10. Gypsy?

    1. Cosmo



  11. Where are my RP dudes at

    1. Echo



    2. CalRP


      How in the shit do you know my old Xbox Live gamertag @YBN Echo

    3. Echo


      Bro, it's me Gavinsky

    4. CalRP



    5. Echo


      yeah... i know i gotta bad track record with that name but it has been 3 years ?

  12. Yes.. Please. Livonia poo poo
  13. I misses u

    1. Cosmo


      Me too comrade it has been too long!

  14. Hey, just wanted to tell you.. 








    1. AtrixLR


      You really did us like that

      The Wire Reaction GIF

  15. That's a fair argument for sure. The only thing that bothers me, is people who play music over crappy mics.. lol But I see your point.
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