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  1. Bruce Willis Party GIF by IFC

    1. Atrix


      Les goo

  2. Fair play, would be cool to see for sure. Regardless, great find. Well sir Mike, I am not a loremaster. But I can tell you right now, its much easier said then done.
  3. I will be 100% honest with you, I love the STALKER series just as much as the next dude, and these two mods are a great find. However, they just do not serve any purpose in our lore unfortunately.
  4. A new vibe


    1. Cal


      thank you for this amazing song Event Master Gaylaxy

  5. Congratulations on approval! Well deserved, can’t wait to see what comes from this.
  6. Great read, great graphics, great roster. Love this!

    Here you go friend.

    1. Duplessis


      everything wrong with the patriot doesn't require a video,

      it just requires asking the question then reciting the name of the film

    2. Cal



    3. Harveyy


      Im pretty sure an English dude fucked Mel Gibsons wife... that dude has a grudge on my people bruh

    4. Duplessis


      He's from the United States and Australia, he must not like the commonwealth @Harveyy

  8. miss you already

    1. Duplessis


      im bored as fuck

    2. Cal


      i know the feeling

    3. Duplessis


      its okay, ill be back in two weeks

    4. Queerios


      I see how it is @Cal

    5. Cal


      Miss you already too @Queerios

  9. 100% yes. I know some will say ''I play this to have fun'', but at the end of the day, this is an RP server. I would love to incomperate more RP systems, since we currently lack the content (not for long i hope ). This is a must have in my honest opinion.
  10. Looks great! Can't wait to kick this off with all of ya!
  11. Born in 2027, 7 years after the fall of Humanity - Gerald Atkinson and his family travelled the wasteland in hopes of finding a better tomorrow. Reaching Nyheim when he was only 5 years old, Gerald grew up in the safe walls of Nyheim. Growing up in the saftey that was Nyheim, Gerald thought it was his duty to join PLIKT and give back to his community that gave so much to him. Gerald officially joined PLIKT, on March 11th 2055 and was made into a competent and trustworthy political figure within the ranks. During his time in PLIKT, he would see the ins and outs of day to day operations, along with going to community meetings and ensuring that those that had housing, had it well. On December 7th 2062, Gerald had been granted the rank of Minister of Public Relations, and from there on out, has been trying to maintain a good standing with the Public. Whilst Gerald would attend the community meetings and outreach, he and his team of PR, would say his slogan, ''A Better Tomorrow''. During the battle with D-Squad, Gerald was taken captive and beaten to a pulp, while his team was executed. He was in captivity for weeks, until he was finally resuced by General Brown and the rest of O-Squad. It is his time, to bring back hope, that a Better Tomorrow is possible, but it will not come without sacrifice.
  12. Massive -1. Mod looks terrible and would only add memes to the server.
  13. lol

    1. Krullix



  14. I have never voted yes so quick. Remove expansion please. This mod that you suggested looks great, awesome find @Realize!
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