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  1. Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see you guys in game
  2. Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians here!

  3. Cal


    Passphrase is there, 100%. Read it through, and then read it again Like Eddie said, reading out loud truly helped me find it, and I'm sure others as well.. Try it and see ! Hope to see you here playing in game with us shortly, good luck on the whitelist.
  4. Look too out of place, adding to the fact we are only 30 days into the apocalypse - just doesn't fit well in the lore / "days in" we have currently. Maybe if you can find better textures, and around day 130+ something like this could be added.
  5. Seeing as this has been done twice already, both times with a resounding no. Just seems like we should drop this entire thing tbh. Poking at the suggestion on different topics, is just a better way to get people that voted yes, to vote no. I suggest if you have a mod that you'd like to implement, add that to the original posting, and see what the general response is.. If there is a good mod, some people may change their minds.
  6. As long as it’s brewable.. im down for that
  7. While I agree that there should be a timeline, it's just a little difficult with certain types of reports.. Especially without video evidence. If we are talking a strict timeline that should be dealt on every report, that brings into question, whether the verdict was thought through, and if they (Staff) looked through all the evidence thoroughly. Just my take on it.
  8. Jakub Cala 1 9 9 7 - 2 0 1 2 Jakub was born in Vyshnoye, on Saturday, August 23, 1997. Coming from a low income family, he learned to never take anything for granted, and to always appreciate what he had. Coming from a secluded town, only meant that it was manual labor for Jakub, as he worked on his Uncles farm starting in 2003. Only being a young boy, he would only be getting the eggs from hens, or raking the leaves - doing more rewarding work as he grew older, and wiser. In the wake of the Civil War, Jakubs Uncle joined the Chedaki Forces, while his father joined the CLF. Seeing this, tore into Jakubs soul, breaking him down, seeing his Father and his Uncle at each others throats, but Jakub knew where his head was at. He knew in his heart that the Chedaki movement was the right one, and eventually sided with his Uncle. Being young and naive, he never did join the Chedaki, but always supported them, with food, water and places to sleep. 2 0 1 2 - 2 0 2 0 Following the end of the Civil War, and the Chedakis' victory, Jakub enlisted into the Respublika Armiya Chernorusskaya as a basic Rifleman. He grew love and support for Gregori Lopotev, following his ideology and movement to the last breath. Joining the Respublika Armiya Chernorusskaya, proved as another challenge for Jakub to overcome, with the training, and hard work that was needed, he fell in love with it instantly. The start of the outbreak was a chaotic and insane test of everyone's ability to hold themselves in a professional manner - much more so for the men and women of the RAC. Jakub was frightened, just like everyone else, only he could not show it. His duties, as a Soldier, a subordinate and a teammate, came before everything else. Personality & Features Jakub is a soldier first, always putting his duty in front of his life - and always sees the job through. He is charismatic, respectable, honorable and true to his word. Jakub carries himself as a disciplined soldier, always making sure to follow the guidelines presented to him, from his leadership. He spreads the word of the new republic, and holds it to the highest of standards, while also loyally defending the cause and his people. Relations All his Brothers and Sisters in Arms Peyter Cala (Uncle) Igor Cala (Father) Maria Cala (Mother)
  9. ❤️ 

    1. Whitename


      *finger guns*

  10. You should make this a poll in the suggestions tab to see everyone's opinion more clearly. undecided opinion on this as a whole though.
  11. Whoever that was that tracked me from Novy to some random town, helped me from a horde, then saved me in a police station. that was quality RP, unfortunately my internet died as soon as we found a car, and I am sincerely sad rn. o7 to that man.
  12. I only voted no, because I can’t see this actually being a rule.. I can see this being something that everyone picks up quickly. i dislike the suggestion of in game, unless I’m just interpreting it wrong, in which case, please correct me. besides that, for it being picked up by everyone I am 100% down for. Don’t see it being a rule that could be enforced, some people may just forget. anywho, good idea. x
  13. 100% bro, just in game though thankfully, got all the boys on facebook and we chat from time to time.
  14. No way! Was one of the elders for that group with Aj and Juggs. Loved that group! Anywho, Brotherhood of Steel, was my first group I was with, then I became an informant for the Volki and then joined them. Good times.
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