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  1. Cal

    Return after a long hiatus.

    Welcome back! Im pretty sure I recognize the name if im not mistaken. Glad to see an old face return. Enjoy your time back.
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    The Moretti Famiglia

    Congratulations on getting approved. Can’t wait to see the RP!
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      I luv u 2

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    The Seekers Open Broadcast (Open 75.80MHz)

    *Nikolai skeptical of the message presses down his PTT on the busted up radio, releasing some static before a Weak Russian voice comes through* Hmm. No infection in that area you say.. I highly doubt that, it seems to me every turn you make you have to evade those fuckers. *Nikolai releases the PTT and sets his radio back into his bag.*
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    The Moretti Famiglia

    This is looking very promising @Roach and crew. Best of luck with approval. Excited to see the RP once I actually meet you all.
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    things and stuff

    Take care @XxGrAipYyxX, for the short while we RPd together I enjoyed it. Hope to see you back sometime soon. o7
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    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    A solid 6/10
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    Happiest of Birfdeih

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    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Can't wait for the great times again. Good to see this back.
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  11. Breaking Down Growing up in the suburbs of Belozorsk, Zakhars parents working in the Nuclear Plant nearby, meant he wasn’t able to spend a lot of time with them both as they were both on different shifts. He would stay with his aunt, Nikita, at her bookstore when his parents were at work. Around the age of 7, Sasha, his mother, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and shortly died after. Nikita, then took him in under her wing as his Father, Yuri, turned to drugs and prostitutes. Living with Nikita, he grew a very close bond with her, helping her at the bookstore when he could, and getting home schooled by her many boyfriends that she changed every few months. Chedaki Forces The Civil War of 2009, sparked interest into Zakhars mind, he joined up with the Chedaki Forces fighting against the Americans and the Chernarus Defense Forces. During the fighting, he was able to fight alongside many good men. Few would make it back to their families, even fewer would make it back unscaved. After losing the war, it defeate d Zakhar, fighting for a reason is one thing, fighting for a reason and losing… That’s another. The Ambush Many years later, Zakhar joined up with the Belozersk People's Republic, following a man named ‘Joseph Fedorov’. On May 8th 2018, walking in two columns, Zakhar was in the middle of the formation. When he heard a bullet snap from the tree line. Right in front of him, his good friend Alexandr dropped dead. He, alongside everyone else, dropped to the ground below the grass line and waited for an order from Joseph. While waiting for what seemed forever, out of the darkness came the fire of hell from the treeline trying to pin them down. “Fuck it! Comrades we either let the revolution die here today, or we get on our feet and fucking run for the woods. ON YOUR FEET COMRADES! UUUUUUURAH!” Yelled Joseph, as the men got on their feet, many men died from the fire coming from the treeline, the rest got into the woods and went into hiding for a while. Likes: - Russian Weaponry - Ethnic Russians - Cigars - Whiskey - Discipline - Bravery Dislikes: - Western Weapons - Cowards - Menthol - Nationalism, Capitalism and Fascism
  12. Cal


    This Yanny or Laurel thing is really getting on my nerves. I hear Laurel, what do you guys hear?


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      Lady In Blue


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      Nope. Now I hear Yanny. 

      If you say it out loud before you hit play, you'll hear it too I think. 

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      It is all about priming, if the video or I didn't say Laurel or Yanny I don't think you would have heard either word 😉

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      Its clearly white and gold!

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      I hear Yanny, but if I focus my hearing I can hear Laurel.

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    Happy birthday my dood 🎉

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    I have faith in you

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    Life always comes first, that’s my rule of thumb. You take care Lad.