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""holy moly, stromboli!" - Guy Fieri"

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  1. Cal



  2. Cal

    YouTube Yes or No?

    Bro.. This was funny as hell.
  3. Cal

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Solid 9/10 m8
  4. Cal

    Group cap

    25 is perfect in my opinion, not to big, but still worrisome if they are hostile. +1
  5. Cal

    Assassin's Creed Unity Free Until 25th of April

    That's awesome! I stopped playing at Black Flag too, but it doesn't hurt to give it a shot. Thanks for the information!
  6. Cal

    Real life picture Thread

    August 30, 2017 I lost my entire house to a fire, I was lucky my mother woke me up, 30 seconds later I would have been killed. This was the picture they put in the newspaper, (I'm on the right), we had three dogs, one sadly passed during the fire.
  7. Cal

    Hi there!

    Enjoy your time here Hiccup.
  8. Cal

    My plans for a new DayZRP Group

    I like this idea, my only advice is make sure your RP is amazing (I'M SURE IT WILL BE), I'd hate to see another hostile group labeled as a "Focused on PVP". Best of luck if you decide to follow through, it will surely add to the RP of the server!
  9. Cal

    Increase the amount of Zombros in towns and cities

    Mainly more in the cities, not sure on the number. What if we turned down the damage and speed, and increased population in realistic locations? At the current state I 100% on this. Like I stated above though, could be an alternative.
  10. Cal

    Increase the amount of Zombros in towns and cities

    So I was walking through a huge city, and I only saw, at most 5 zombies in a single area.. To me, that's not a challenge nor does it make RP sense in my opinion. Basically what I am hoping for, is that we can add more undead in populated areas before the outbreak.. Cities would have the highest (It would make it that much more rewarding scavenging in cities - plus you wouldn't see so many settlements or people running through them as often.) Towns would be the next, maybe the coastal towns have more in them, than the ones inland. Refugee camps, I couldn't really think of anything off the top of my head regarding refugee camps, but something that does come to mind, is the places like the road leading to Tisy, and heading West from Kamenka, is a lot of broken down cars.. It would be great to see a few more infected walking around then there already is there. Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear your comments, either agreeing or disagreeing.. Or if you have anything you'd like to add, feel free
  11. Falk

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    1. Cal



  12. Cal


    @Cals nice name bro ❤️

  13. Cal


    have a good day role players

  14. Cal

    What are your religious views DayZRP?

    I was raised a Christian but never really payed to much attention to it.. Until I survived a house fire, the entire thing gone, along with everything inside, but the one thing that did survive, was a bible I had stored deep into my closet.. I sleep with it laying on my night stand now.
  15. Cal


    Man I wish i had HBO 😞

    1. KencoBlaze12


      Didn’t miss much, episode was a bit of a let down

    2. Cal



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