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  1. The return of Cal

    <3 YES!!!!
  2. The return of Cal

    What is up everyone! After a long break, I am returning to DayZRP. I left on a few crappy terms with members regarding group switches and everything along those lines. But still cannot wait to get back into the swing of things.
  3. Welcome to the Community as a non-white listed member. From the sounds of it, you could give this Community a lot of good RP! Enjoy your stay!
  4. Hello

  5. *Zzzk* "If anyone can hear this. My name is Cal Plysnovic. I am currently at the town of Zelenagorsk with a man. I don't even know his name. *Zzzk Screech* Fuck... He isn't normal.... *Zzk* But then again.. Who is?" *A mans voice is heard. And the cocking of a weapon* "Cal... Its them... They are outside. Fuck mate, they are scarier than the fuckin' infected." *Zzzt* "Fuck comrade. If you have to do it... Do it." "Alright you fuck heads! Drop all your shit! Don't fucking! AHHH! Shit! Cal! Help!" *Ripping and tearing sounds are heard* "Fuck! Sorry! Im fucking sorry! I have to lock the doors! *Locking sounds. Then you hear scrambling closer to the radio* Please! Help me! Fucking help me!" *Zzzk* *End of radio brodcast*
  6. Hello? Can anyone hear this? (US2)

    *zzzzzzk static* "Josef. My name is Cal Plysnovic, I am in the town of Zelenagorsk. If you can make your way here, I know where a refugee camp is. There is many people, promising protection, food, water. Anything. Just make your way to me. But stay away from St- *zzzzk* There is bad people there, they will kill you for anything..... And then eat you. Stay away from there. *Heavy breathing* Just stay away. *Another mans voice is heard, just faintly* "Cal. Come outside. Its them." *zzzzt* *End of radio transmission*
  7. Link to the source of punishment: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-rdm-at-olsha-sa?pid=891376#pid891376 Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is not fair because I was simply replying to the person's comment saying that they would hop onto TS to talk things out. I have seen people do this in the past and I have even done it on my past reports and nothing ever happened. I am very confused of why I am getting these? Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My POV, I was on the Forums when I got a message from "Conor" saying I was given three warning points. I responded with "I am sorry, but I was responding to the person saying he was going to get on TS to talk things out? I really don't see how this got me warning points?"

    And burgz I wanna be special k.....
  9. Wow! 1 Year today... Can't believe it, so much fun. I was in a lot of groups! So many close friends I have made on this, I know its a game but to me it was more than that. I met friends on here that have actually influenced my life. This sounds really cheesy, but I would like to thank these people who may not see the thread but I am at least giving them recognition. Jack P. Aj1080pGamer Devin Bauman Sam Fetherston Juggs William Daniel Adams Victor AND SO MANY MORE But anyways. Thank you to all the amazing Staff on here to make it what it is. You all are amazing <3
  10. So much fun being robbed from you guys yesterday.... LOL at first I thought you ( Ray ) were gonna kill me, then I said who I was and everything was Okay. Best RP in a long time
  11. Another goodbye thread?

    Scooter man. I hate to see you go bro. Plz come back!
  12. Off to boot camp

    thank you!
  13. Off to boot camp

    Well lads. I have decided to join the reserves and be ready for anything bad that happens. I am going to miss you all... I shall be back though once in a while. I will be on the forums and maybe in game when i am home. Thank you to the awesome staff and friends i have made in this community, you guys are amazing. <3 Don't rob to many people with out me...
  14. Adios Amigos.

    I am really sorry to say, but that was really not necessary. Now I can clearly see why Victor would want to leave because people like you just want to screw everyones day up because you are so selfish. Like Scooter says, you should have PM'd him instead of posting on his farewell. Maybe next time be considerate and if you have nothing good to say dont say shit. Hope i made things clear See you on your farewell thread.
  15. Adios Amigos.

    Victor.... You were like a brother to me man. i hate to see you go. I really do. That short period you were in BOS I had the time of my life. When I joined vGc for like a day. I had so much fun. Victor, you are a great leader, friend and brother. Thank you for giving 10/10 RP everytime i came across you. <3