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  1. I have spoken with Alexander @ryanbroman and have figured out that I would like to close this report. I apologize for the late response.
  2. Bakery and Distillery Grand Opening Event

    Very interesting! Count me in.
  3. Farewell

    Cya Mate, best of luck in your future endeavors.
  4. I too have nothing else I would like to add to this report.
  5. Don't get me wrong, it was good RP up until you read that sign, and then it was just quite.. No talking. Personally, I would have rather gotten robbed, and told why you were robbing us instead of "Its just business". I would have much appreciated it more if told both myself and @Donovan that you thought we were in a group.
  6. I apologize, but you still had one man drop his weapons and go. Sure you gave him his axe and I believe his backpack back, but you could have done that with me too. There was absolutely no need for someone to die. Both of us were friendly to you, no one spoke badly while you were robbing us, that granted, I don’t even remember having a solid conversation while you were robbing.
  7. Had a house fire way in August, still feels like yesterday. Lost everything, house is just the foundation now. Suffering from PTSD about it and the nine yards. Been rough. just lost my grandfather a week ago so that adds onto the stress. coming here and talking with people and playing a game I love so much, role playing and meeting new people gets my mind off so much. would love to thank each one of you for the great experience on DayZRP. also, such a good thread, can really help people out a lot.
  8. Greetings.

  9. Staff Feedback: Oliv

    Link to the situation: None Any supporting evidence or notes: None Feedback: I asked Oliv for some advice and a few questions about joining the Staff team, within Minutes you replied. Never in my experience on DayZRP has any Administrator gotten back to me that quick. Keep doing a real good job, my Canadian Friend. o7 Suggestions for improvement: None
  10. First Day On The Server

    Glad you are enjoying the RP people are giving you. o7
  11. Gonna leave (for a while).

    Best of luck in life friend.
  12. Hello all and good day!

    Welcome to the community pal, hope you enjoy your stay and congratulations on the whitelist!
  13. Fin.

    Take care friend, best of luck in your future en devours.
  14. In fact in my eyes it is, Logan posted in his POV that you did come back into the shack and shot my character in the head, showing Logan that Stephen was permakilled without my permission.
  15. Unfortunately Staggs I don’t have any recorded evidence, genuinely thought I was recording but I guess not. Apologies. After looking at the logs, I would assume this isn’t an NLR case in any means necessary. So I would like to remove that part from this report.