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  1. Bratva Media Thread

    A great RP by @BerskyTheBear And the Bravta Fellas http://plays.tv/video/588bf6deb256277210/bratva-robbery-for-infomation-purpose?from=user
  2. Oh my lord , I didn't know its you @shleal225 !!! you did great mate <3 much respect for Shane.
  3. The Amazing Banana Crew makes it a great day for us after handling @lunathecat when she lost 1 of her teddybears Thank you guys I enjoyed the RP with you @Sarilla , @Kunkka
  4. I've enjoyed alot RPing with you and i never wanted to leave but we had some game issues i remember , Hope we can meet back again. As i want to thank @lunathecat for doing her perfect roleplay yesterday in Kabanino , @Darra for being able to handle the kid situation , @Sam Williams < I think for being there with his friend Mikhail Zolkov , And finally @Frosty for the great RP he did when all of a sudden we didn't know what to do after they tried to hide from us. You guys simply were amazing and made a good day of mine
  5. hi

    Welcome back Laurel , We've met you yesterday on our way to the south. Hope to see you soon again. Ahmed
  6. New Moon Media Thread

    That just killed me , Hahahahaha
  7. Real life picture Thread

  8. Real life picture Thread

    There we go