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    Hey Lyca! got some free time to RP lil bit ?! 

  2. Dave Connor, A very simple person who was born in 1991 after the war just ended by a while, Dave was very curious about the surroundings and used to pay attention to every single detail as he was born on 15th of November which is a Scorpio when it comes to the Horoscopes, He used to have a very lovely family that is consisted of a younger brother and sister along with his father and mother. They moved after the war when Dave's father had a new job so Dave had to change his school and he was very upset because he built a very strong relationship with few friends that he never wanted to leave them. When he moved to the new town his only goal was to focus on having a very well educational path since he was always looking forward to having the ideal job outside Egypt. He was very interested to learn how to run a big business and he used to buy some tapes that illustrate Business Administration courses and how to market a product with the very tiny details of it. Dave got accepted in the University he wanted to join at the new town and here he started his own journey that he really managed to pay his whole attention and focus in what he was studying and yes finally in his last final exams he got ranked from the top10 students when it comes to marks and achievements, Dave had a very hard moments and he was falling in depression plus the ups and downs the whole family passed by 'Dave's father said'. Dave used to find his partner at Cairo as she was in the same class with him, She used to be called Dianna and he confessed his deep feelings towards her, she started to fall in his love and they both had to support each other to finish the last educational year, Six months later they both graduated and Dave had to prepare himself for the obligatory Military service that has a duration of One year since he wanted to marry his girl after he gets his Military service done and they both agreed on that, He entered the Military and learnt how to use guns and weapons and he was always sending letters to his girl Dianna telling her how much he misses her and how he wants to see her. As he was always learning more and looking up to be much better they took him in the Rapid Deployment Forces which is a very special force who managed to do the hard tasks. His commander asked him to prepare himself because he will be moving to the other camp where they managed to train and practice the RD Forces. At that time Dave managed to send a letter to Dianna telling her about the updates and here he saw the last Letter Dianna sent he kept it in his backpack and decided to read it when he arrives. Two days later Dave opened the letter, Dianna said how she felt about the army and how Dave made her like the idea of contributing in such duties, and that She managed to apply in an optional duty for females in the army as a nurse. Dave had to train very hard for a couple of weeks until he had the chance to write her a letter. Three weeks passed without Dianna replying back and Dave started to get worried about it until he saw a Letter coming from a stranger explaining the duties Dianna has finished and how they wanted to Award her for the commitment she had and that She had to move to Chernarus for the purpose of nursing and treatments. He had two months left on the army duty and he decided to finish and go look for her however he was still waiting for her to send him any piece of paper. Dave was trying to keep his feelings away until he gets his duty over, He used to dream about her every single night thinking about the moment when he will be able to take the first flight and go search about her. Two weeks left and Dave was watching the T.V News and he heard about the outbreak, His hands started shaking and he was trying not to relate what he is watching with the reality that explains why he is not receiving letters from Dianna. Dave started searching about the path he will take to reach Chernarus as he found out that the nearest available International Airport will be at Novigrad, he was very shocked about the idea that he has to travel to the nowhere searching at his love in a whole new place that he never expected himself to end up at. One day left and the count down is really close Dave sent a letter to his father explaining that he will volunteer in the army for another 6 months since he will be promoted if he stayed. And he started packing his clothes and the money he used to save to afford the marriage after the duty and he booked the first flight on the next morning heading to Novigrad. Dave is now in Chernarus looking at Dianna ,,, To be continued.
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    Thank you! sorry about yesterday had tons of stuff to do couldn't get online.
  4. You're really awesome dude, I didn't actually know you're in the community before posting this topic its a pleasure meeting you Roach you can't stop filming dude keep it up I'm a big fan ! The episodes are very well organized, a very little tiny mistakes that happened in few episodes but the sequence and the story plus how they managed to act in the story .. everything was stunning. That's of course plus the great Roleplay skills by Roach
  5. It is absolutely fantastic, ill keep eyes on his contents! I know right! He's very talented. Alright, and yeah he is brilliant!
  6. I had the same self issue when it comes to watching a DayZ video but when I felt myself getting attached to the first episode i realized it's much different as it took me to the content itself and how they filmed it and the matching scenarios with the least mistakes
  7. Hello there! I would like to strongly recommend for you all to watch the full episodes filmed by Gaming Roach Entertainment As a short series discussing the story of Sam Bauer's who is trying to find his Kidnapped brother. It was filmed in DayZRP server as i really need to thank each an everyone who contributed in these Episodes, I've watched most of them yet i still have the rest to watch. I just posted this here because i needed you to know that i am very proud of being a part of this server. Will be waiting for your feedback after watching as i will leave the link for the channel below. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6-COLGJLslac_dMlrwTt4w/videos Note : I don't relate to Gaming Roach Entertainment by any mean I am just recommending a very well organized short series for you to watch. Thank you!
  8. Welcome on board @RpgPanda Hope to see you soon on DayZRP Enjoy your stay dude you're gonna love it here.
  9. Thank you mate ! Will meet soon of course Thanks. Thank you mate , I've replied back check your messages. Thank you Brady! Will update you once i am ready for leading the adventures , Thanks mate cheers \../ Thank you!
  10. Thank you very much all of you, Appreciated.
  11. Hello at the very beginning i have decided to get back to the most interesting server in RPs and i am proudly announcing that.. get yourself ready for the RP SOON. Okay so i was advised by Hardwired to get in here and i am actually looking for a Mentor Program to get back the "Forgotten" experience before joining the server once again. If you can help please by Contacting me with the schedule or the timings available that would be great! UTC+2 is my timezone, if it suits your time hit me up with a message so we can talk or hop in Teamspeak. Thanks.
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    Kunkka I was thinking maybe the gang will get back over again ;)

  13. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): No link Why the verdict is not fair: It is quiet fair actually but i would really like another chance if you please. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I've read the rules but the question was weird and i waited in 'Wait For Staff Help' but Unfortunately no one was online since it was early morning my time What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Another chance for a whitelist. What could you have done better?: I could search more for the answer or Wait for someone from the staff to show up to get a clear or better explanation
  14. IpERRY

    Bratva Media Thread

    A great RP by @BerskyTheBear And the Bravta Fellas http://plays.tv/video/588bf6deb256277210/bratva-robbery-for-infomation-purpose?from=user
  15. One of the best shots with my girl , regardless the bad-ash resolution.