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  1. Hey there im currently looking to play with a group on the dayzRP mod its fun going lone wolf for a little while but i can imagine u would just get your self in way more action with a higher friend count so if u know anyone or your self is looking for someone to join either your or a friends group please let me know thanks guys and girls.
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  3. So i filled out my white list application i go to send it and it says player id is incorrect when i can see perfectly that it is the correct player id is there a fix for this ??
  4. Yes sorry it was a typo i had a completely Russian name instead of my rp name Mason Miller i went to log into dayz rp web site this morning and my account had completely been wiped so i dont know whats going on i need a helping hand or something well if u do happen to find someone to help u fix this problem please send them my way or if u find a fix or anything it would be greatly appreciated
  5. So last night a few things happened to me i logged into server 1 to play some dayzrp and i went to show my id but it was not mine it was Russian... im not Russian also today i go to log in to rp and it says my acc isn't even registered i just bought a skin everything worked fine until the servers went down so now i had to register my account again and would very much like it if a admin or mod could just whitelist me and give my skin back because this is just unexceptionable please pm me if u have any idea on what has happened.