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  1. TAKE COVER *PEW* *PEW* *PEW* Ok. To clear things up, I never called anyone who disagree with my opinion immature. The thing I did was informing that there are players like that which you may or may not agree with, doesn't matter. Second of all, I do not own a camp, this is simply my unbiased opinion. A lot of what you said is very much true and I feel as though I've changed my views a bit now (What discussing is for) I do how ever feel that in many cases people disconsider their conscience. After all you are stealing another persons home as well as possibly their chance of survival and unless you have an evil alignment, I feel like doing this would be a hard decision. Please tell me if you think otherwise. And don't open fire on me... Please... I didn't really state my argument very well so I understand if I sounded like an asshole.
  2. Stealings someones tent is just shitty RP tbh. The person who stole your tent clearly prioritized gear over the RP of the situation and instead of making your camp look raided etc, just grabbed all you've got to set up his own camp. I believe that this server will always be plagued by a minority of imature and shitty RPers and therefore the best thing to do is just move on and try to implement it into your characters story.
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    Awesome screenshot! May I ask, what kinda group is this?