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  1. cutenad

    Camp Endeavour is moving. [OPEN]

    *Lucy stops in her tracks, hearing the muffled sounds of Western's voice coming from her bag. Anatoly and her lock eyes for a moment, before they take a seat on the forest floor and listen in on what he has to say. Once the radio goes silent, she pushes the PTT button and begins to speak* Western, this is Lucy Wright and Anatoly Minkov. We've been listening to your transmissions for a while now, but this is the first time we have decided to contact you. We would like to keep in touch, you seem like a good man. *With a heaving sigh, she releases the PTT button. Anatoly puts his arm around Lucy comfortingly. She presses down the PTT button again* Also, we're really sorry to hear about your hand. *She releases the PTT button once more, placing the radio back in her bag and continuing on the road*
  2. cutenad

    [SA] Show us your character!

    Can't we all just get along? No need for any fancy weaponry ;D
  3. Thanks Noxious and Chief! And yes, it's unfortunate that they're not working I had to rewrite this message once because it didn't show up the first time I wrote it, but I made sure to screenshot before I saved. As I guessed, it didn't show up. I hope they'll fix it soon! Also, I will update sometime this week
  4. I'll definitely be writing more! Thank you so much for your interest
  5. damnit, you caught me out ah man, i knew i'd forgotten something! also, thanks!
  6. My boyfriend and I's characters, we just started out. The matching outfits aren't actually intentional, but rather a strange coincidence
  7. cutenad

    Your luckiest moment on RP?

    Mine exploded mere metres away from where I was standing, and I got out unscathed. I did poop my pants however, and ran for about an hour straight. Still not sure how the mine went off, no zombies around so I can only assume it was a delayed glitch in sensing my movement (I had been standing right by the area for about 15 seconds before)
  8. Public server, first time initiating combat with another player. Boyfriend and I were surprise attacked while in barracks, hightailed it out of there and straight into a nice open field, great place to get flanked. Queue my game deciding to rubberband! Needless to say, there was screaming, and maybe a little bit of crying, as we kept trying to escape from, but somehow still running into, the player that had snuck up on us. Eventually, we managed to get away from the person, splitting up in the process. I told my boyfriend to meet me by a big tree in the forest. After a while, turned around to see him approaching, and we stared at each other for a few seconds. Just as I'm about to tell him it's me... He'd already gotten his rifle out, bellowed some incoherent words, and shot me. To death. That was our first 'run' of DayZ together. I would say things have gotten better since, but then I'd be lying.
  9. Hey! I'm cutenad, my boyfriend (Halallaren) and I have joined DayZRP together. We hope to share many awesome adventures with you all! We love what we have seen so far. See you in Chernarus