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    </3 see you on the flip nibba 

  1. silly. 

    1. HALEZY


      What the fuck, whqt happened to my little African man 

  2. you nonce

    1. TheProxJack


      When I see you again.

  3. Matej Ramaya

    Matej Ramaya was born in August 21st. He was a Croatian solder that fought in homeland war against Serbia. His family died in the war and his life was destroyed, and he didnt have anything to live for. He was full of anger and wanted to kill all the people that killed his family. He killed a lot of people, even the ones that are needed to be killed. After cople of years every man that commited something bad in the war was judged for it and matej knew he is gonna go to jail for things hes done so he started running trough several countries.
  4. The Defiants Media thread

    The driver is the best.
  5. The Defiants Media thread

    Beautifull man, just beautifull.
  6. Haha it was nice. Follow the God boys
  7. About the report

    I just wanted to bring this up becouse this guy got banned becouse of nothing. So in the first place @descendants lied in his report that he was in game just for 10sec when he god killed and the connection logs shows that he was in game for 1 minute and 48 seconds. Another thing, he said he was the 19 person in the que, he went afk for 10-20 minutes, and when he came back he was dead. Then at the end he said that his game takes good 30 seconds to load, and that he didnt have time to comply in that 10 seconds bcz his game is lagging and needs time to load. Question is, if u were afk, how can u know that u were 10 seconds in the game if u were afk. @Peanut got banned for invalid inittiation, what did he do wrong, he inittiated, he gave him time to comply, the guy is not complying he killed him. What are we dealing here is that he left his game to boot up and he didnt care about his charracter, he left it to boot up, so its ur fault that u died he did nothing wrong. The rule says: 8.5 Hostages may only be killed in the following scenarios: 8.5.1 Hostages do not comply with your demands or pose a direct threat to you or your group. Peanut inittiated, gave him demands to put his hands up, he was not complying and he killed him. Looks legit for me. Link of report
  8. To The Pagans [Open Frequency]

    *While being chased by infected he takes the radio and begin speaking* "Damien what is this, did u actually agree on this, i cant beileve this. If these bandits come to Jimmy D's, im going to smash their brains out. *He puts his radio in the pocket, turn around and starts to smash the infected and drops him on the floor* After all they have done to us, after all our brothers died, im not going to be friends with them, if u come to Jimmy D's u know what to expect from me" *Throw the radio and smash the infected on the floor with the bat*
  9. a piece of mind [Open frequency]

    *Matej presses the PTT* "Louie u need to make sufering stop, i dont think im gonna make it." *Matej releases the PTT*