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  4. Matej Ramaya was born in August 21st. He was a Croatian solder that fought in homeland war against Serbia. His family died in the war and his life was destroyed, and he didnt have anything to live for. He was full of anger and wanted to kill all the people that killed his family. He killed a lot of people, even the ones that are not needed to be killed. After cople of years every man that commited something bad in the war was judged for it and matej knew he is gonna go to jail for things hes done so he started running trough several countries.
  5. Faithie

    #57 - S1 EU - 07/16/17 1:16 - Bad RP, Baiting, Other

    There u go. I started recording when shit got hostile and i stoped when i died. Sorry for taking this long i was working night shift so i slepped the whole day. http://plays.tv/video/596f915f8e39246d61/report
  6. Faithie

    #57 - S1 EU - 07/16/17 1:16 - Bad RP, Baiting, Other

    Matej Ramaya POV: So we role in the vybor industrial, we see a guy with a purple facemask and our enemies wear those so we questioned him why does he have it. He says that he just like the color and we were like okej, Then loui camed and told that the camp is closed at that point we wanted to inittiate and we started following them but we kinda failed. They came back to the camp in the industrial building then loui said again that they need to leave and on their way out @TheProxJack inittiate and i was the guy that fighted with the blue shirt guy and i died there and the lady with the mosin shoot him dead. End of pov i actually think i have video evidence but its basicly the same that u saw on the OP-s video but if u want me i can upload it and paste it here. Thank u.
  7. Faithie

    #28 - S1 EU - 07/04/17 17:30 - NVFL, AOGM

    Matej Ramaya POV. So we roll in kab we see some dudes in barnes telling us they got robbed or something. After that we go to kab main road then we meet the suspect. Loui had some words with him then he started going away we follow him and inittiate he didnt complyed we shoot him he fell uncon, when he was getting up he did some funny anim. and fell down, when he got back up he was ted up and tried to kill us all with his hands tied up, thats from my preslective and i kill him with a pistol. After that we went to vmc group up. After a while we started going to kab again, loui was in the back and just got shoot as i know so we all go back i rush the camo building and trade with a guy and after that the boys died too, the end.
  8. Faithie

    S1 - KOS/RDM at Stary - 6/15/17 23:50

    I talked with dusty about the 2 hour video and he said cut it to whats the relevant to the report so here it is. http://plays.tv/video/59442b5121a1ea6fce/report Il explain again. Before in the video there is nothing that is associated with the op or his friend. Its just us killing the guys that inittiated on us. On the video 2 guys aproached me and was like whats happening here and shit but that was the guys that inittiated. So next of that we rush double green i get shoot in the leg and u can clearly hear shoots from the stary hill. I fix my legs i go around it a see the guy and i kill him, he did say he was there the hole firefight just watching, why would u stay there when u know its a firefight. If admins need the bigger video il upload it again, im gonna answer only to staff if they need me.
  9. Faithie

    S1 - KOS/RDM at Stary - 6/15/17 23:50

    Matej Ramaya POV: okej so il start with i have a recording that is long 02:10:17, thats gonna take a lot of time to upload so i will put that to upload today when i get to work. And when i come back il put it here. Now il give u chat pov. Me and my boys role up in the stary we get inittiated by a guy, then we all run around we kill couple of them. Then when we pushed double green or red not sure. I got shoot in the legs and have broken leg and hearing shoots from the stary hill. As soon i fix my legs i go around it i see a guy on the hill zig zagging and i open fire. I have a question for the guy. Why would u be on stary hill if u know and see that there is a firefight going on dont tell me that there wasnt shoots going on and that crap. U saw guys in starry getting shoot at, a lot of gunfire, and u stayed there watching it. Dont u think like there is a firefight i better get out from here. But u stayed on that hill with a mosin. Ofcurse we will think thats their sniper on stary hill + that we got shoot from there. Thats it from me il put the video in 16 hours sorry i cant do it earlier. EDIT: From pepe jones pov i can see that he told them to get out from here, but they stick around and acctualy was shooting on us. And u can see in the logs that they actually shoot guys in the firefight.
  10. Faithie

    The Defiants Media thread

    The driver is the best.
  11. Faithie

    The Defiants Media thread

    Beautifull man, just beautifull.
  12. Faithie

    S1 Invalid Kill - Kabanino 6/4/17 00:58

    Matej Ramaya POV: So we met some dudes in kab, we decided to inittiate one guy didnt comply on the beginning so we killed him. People that complyed we took them in to the house i was outside overwatching, i decided to go up in the house where the hostages are and i crash. I emiddiatly started logging back in but game keeps crashing me so when i logged back in, they moved them in to the double green lonley house in kab. So i get outiside and there was an enemy otuside of the house so im overwatching. I hear shoots from the barns and thats where i see a guy shooting at my people so i kill him. And then we all get avay from the situation towords Stary end of pov.
  13. Faithie

    S1 Invalid Kill/Attack on Settlement/Ruleplay/Powergaming

    Matej Ramaya POV: We were at tisy us 10 maybe more. We found a 101 guy we tried to get him with us to 101 without inittiatiing but he was always resisting, then we inittiate and we go to 101 base with him. We tried to negottiate with 101 people but they said no so we killed the guy and we inittiated on the guy in front of the setllement but he says "no" and starts running in the compount but we killed him, and then we entered the camp, we searched it there was no one there and the restart hits us. After the restart we logged in and we see a guy logging in and he was the 101 member, i would say its ghosting but okej. We inittiate on him we asked questions he is lying to us and we killed him. End of POV. EDIT: Me personaly wasnt there with the hostage that ghosted in, i left the compount after the inittiation on the guy that ghosted. I went to the south rocks waiting my 30 min timer so i can log off cuz i had work in the morning.
  14. Faithie

    S1 NVFL Stary To Lonely House Server time: 11-05-2017, 20:33

    So loui says he met some people at stary so we go around the church. Loui says all come out to church so we all come. We tel them to leave the town, and they left. We see them aiming at us so we started chasing. We inittiate on one guy he is not complying and there is 11 people behind him nad he killes one of ours so we kill him, other guy still runs but we are not sure if he got the inittiation so we wait a bit. He started shooting us so we killed him too. The third guy ran off to woods and we see him logging off. End of pov.
  15. Faithie

    Ban apeal

    That day i was in 6 firefights its hard to remember, i actually did f up, i was starting to type about another situation on the report pov so i just know that we did shoot at the guys that we inittiated couple of them ran so we chased and then i killed a guy with a svd.