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  1. His name is Malvin Bagaskara. He was born in indonesia at 1993, he was a young doctor in indonesia. One day in september 2014 he have a Conference with WHO in Russia. he came with his girlfriend to attend at the conference. after he attend and joining the conference he and his girlfriend decided to stay in russia for 2 month to holiday. at October 15 2014 when malvin and his girlfriend still in vacation He got a news from the WHO to help some people in Chernarus because an incident at Zelenogorsk so Malvin leave his girlfriend and join the WHO and UN to help some people in chernarus. When he arrived at Chernarus, he immediately sent to Hospital in Vybor. When he arrived at vybor Theres already messed up. So he and The troops decide going to tisy and Hiding at the Underground Bunker at there but it was to late all road was full by infected and the troops try to protect himself but they all can't handel it. So he going to take the military truck and drive so fast and makes he crash the truck at Kamyshovo and unconscious. When He woke up he was at side of the road. This how Malvin start his Journey