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  1. Hey everyone after a 3 month wait my 2 hour application paid off! I'm still at school and can't jump into the action just yet sadly... But I just wanted to say hi now that I got accepted and am going to be active in game and on the forums! Really looking forward to doing some Roleplay later!
  2. Hello I have a question about the whitelist waiting time. I have been waiting for 4 weeks now. My spot in the queue has been around 140-170. For some reason now I'm up to 200 now, I understand there is a lot of people making applications but for about 4 weeks I have seen the applications drop by about 2-3 hundred and I don't know why my application hasn't been reviewed. I know I have to be patient but I just would like to have somewhat of a idea of how much longer I'm going to be waiting. Thanks.
  3. Hey everyone! I just made this account and am looking forward to being apart of this amazing community! DayZ itself is a great and unique game but DayZRP well now it's AMAZING role playing in my opinion is so fun! Well just wanted to say hi, now I got to get working on my White-list Application. Later Pavillin