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  1. I believe that some skins are implemented by the server owner for certain clans that apply for the skins, for e.g enclave having armor with gas masks.
  2. Good Luck on the application and hope to see you in game
  3. Whoever helped me today on the way to The Ravens nest by giving me a bloodbag I am grateful sorry if I did not reply as my game froze and did not want to go OCC whilst talking. I know your name but can't spell it properly and generally don't want to look like a pillock trying to. If I ever see you in-game sir I'll give you my gratitude
  4. Ive Recently said a hello thread but forgot to enter a question. Is their any survivor camps? I've heard of the Ravens Nest but everyone I asked in game has no idea where it is Nevermind Found out the sources
  5. Hey And welcome to DayzRp! I will gladly answer your questions. 1. Player settings simply ask what distance the player wants to see at for example: Very low low Medium Far Overkill Depending on the computer that you have depends on which setting will work best for you and for number 2 2. S-GRU are indeed dead but they have split into 2 groups I believe one being NRF and the other well... Hoping someone comments that for you
  6. In all Honesty it's better then running into normal Dayz players and getting shot instantly. But they need someone way to find out the real age of the incoming Whitelist applications, because I have seen kids definitely not 16+ joining the server with terrible Rp abilities.
  7. So you spent 700$ to play Dayzrp? You just wasted alot of money my friend just to join a server.
  8. Today I donated towards the server as well as sent in my white-list appeal. Hopefully I get accepted to join this community and will hope to see you lot soon in game